How to treat worms in a child

Every parent is worried about how to treat worms in a child, if there is a high chance of infecting them? Because children are restless and the personal hygiene habits they lack in preschool age. Therefore, any parent wants to protect their child from different kinds of parasites enter the body through dirty hands.

Easier to teach a child time to wash hands, vegetables and fruits before their use. What if symptoms of helminth infection in a child? Treatment takes place mainly in the home. But it is necessary to visit a pediatrician or infectious disease specialist, immunologist, allergist, indicate the symptoms, tell about your suspicions. The doctor will examine you and prescribe the tests, the results of which will be prescribed appropriate medications.

How to treat worms in a child

What to do if you suspect infection?

The treatment can be carried out medical methods and recipes of traditional medicine. The perfect drug is one that will have drug activity only to the parasite detected in a patient. Your doctor will choose effective drug against helminth identified.

The whole group of anthelmintic drugs has on the human body a strong toxic effect, so their use must be justified and without purpose of the doctor using it is not advised because it is unsafe.

Medications for worms are safe only in case of observance of precise dosages.

The doctor may prescribe a dosage of no such as is indicated in the instructions, but it would fit the body of the patient. A single dose will be chosen based on age, weight, health condition and degree of infestation of the patient.

Qualified diagnoses may spend only a doctor

With heavy helminth infection, the doctor will prescribe a comprehensive treatment, which will be a number of drugs used in turns with breaks.

Means parasites are a number of contraindications: not to used by pregnant and lactating women, children with problems in the nervous system, diseases of blood, liver, kidneys, oncological diseases and etc.

Treatment of worms in children

If the diagnosis of helminthiasis was delivered to one of the family members, the treatment is carried out fully for the whole family. Treat pinworms and ascarids in different age and at any degree of contamination by drugs, as discussed below. The list of tools will start with the most harmless and end in the most efficient and productive drug broad-spectrum.

Suspension for internal use

The drug has a narrow spectrum of activity, active only against ascarids and pinworms. He does not kill them, just paralyze them, making them easier to output to the outside. Components of the drug inhibit the functioning of the neuromuscular system of the parasites, but only adults. Eggs and larvae it does not neutralize. Since the drug only paralyzes Ascaris, but do not kill them, in this case toxic substances are released during the killing, will not poison the body of the patient, and stationary parasites are excreted along with the feces.

There are innocuous and poorly-toxic drugs for removing worms in children, women during pregnancy and lactation. This medication is effective when a slight infection. But in the case of heavy infection of Enterobius this tool will be insufficient. Is it worth it to take in such situations will be decided by the attending doctor. The drug may cause the following side effects: nausea, diarrhea, headaches, abdominal pain. In case of in renal failure can develop tremor, a temporary, partial vision loss, weakness, and delirium.


De-worming medication a broad spectrum mebendazole

The mechanism of action of drugs with mebendazole inhibits the inter-cellular metabolism, which leads to the death of the helminth. Actively kills adult, larvae and eggs. These drugs are highly effective and potent. For removing worms in children is used in severe cases. During treatment may develop serious adverse reactions: may dry out the mucosa in the mouth, because of what develops stomatitis, components of the drug can cause disorders of the digestive system all the way to hepatitis, sleep disturbances, headaches and dizziness, convulsions, decreased visual acuity, fever, skin rash and irritation.

Recipes of traditional medicine

At home treat helminthiasis not only medical, but also use traditional methods of therapy. This herbal drugs:

  1. To bring worms in children in the home, you need to apply the onion. In the evening grate 1 medium onion. Pour a glass of boiling water and insist night. In the morning on an empty stomach drink all in one gulp. The composition of the drink for 10 days. Tool effective against pinworms and ascarids.
  2. Worms in children will go away if brew 1 head of garlic in milk. Need to clean head of garlic and pour a glass of hot milk, a little boil. Then cool and strain. At night to put your child an enema with this decoction, it is enough to 0.5 cups. To do the procedure every day for weeks.
  3. At home you can get rid of the belt of the parasite with the help of this scheme: you first need to give on an empty stomach 100 g peeled pumpkin seeds, 1 hour to drink a glass of warm milk boiled with a clove of garlic, half an hour later to take a laxative. Then 2 hours to do an enema with warm broth, water and garlic.
  4. Birch buds
  5. Will help bring worms in children and birch buds. They need to brew and take ½ Cup twice a day. The course of treatment is 7 days. This means not only get rid of helminthiasis, but also strengthen the immune system.
  6. Pumpkin seeds are great for treating worms in children. Need a day to eat 12 cups peeled fresh pumpkin seeds. This way will be able to cleanse the entire body.
  7. Infusion partitions walnut and is a very good method of getting rid of worms at home, while improving the metabolism and increase defenses. It is necessary to take 2 tbsp of dried membranes, pour 250 ml of boiling water. Cover tightly and infuse for an hour. The child has to drink a quarter Cup of the infusion twice a day, eat for two weeks.
  8. A good remedy for getting rid of parasites in the home, sachets for children. Pack of 10 powder packets. In the composition of the flowers of tansy, wormwood herb, clove buds. Treat worms in children using this method from 3 years of age, dissolving 1 sachet in 50 ml of water. Take 30 minutes before meals 2 times a day.

In any case, home therapy for helminthiasis should be agreed with your doctor. Treatment for the whole family, in severe cases a comprehensive.