Symptoms of worms in humans and methods of treatment

Not always, when there are worms in humans, symptoms can be severe. Many tapeworms live in the body hidden, not manifesting itself for a long time. This is the perfidy of the parasites. During the "stay" they are able to affect practically all the organs.

signs of worms

How to get rid of worms, can only tell the doctor. Deals with the treatment, the doctor-parasitologist. Symptoms of worms in humans depends on extent of injury, the variety of worm infestations. About how appear worms, symptoms and treatment in adults need to know to prevent complications. To get rid of worms in the later stages difficult.

Common symptoms

Questions about what the worms (for research – worms), what action they have worry many people. Worms is a huge many types of parasites. And everyone acts destructive to the human body, manifesting itself in different ways.

Some of the obvious symptoms of worms in humans – weight loss, pallor, decreased performance, itching in the anus. Until recently it was believed that worms in humans lead to a decrease in the protective functions of the body. But studies have shown that in 49% of cancers is the result of destruction of body worms. The lack of timely diagnosis, treatment of error, which is too often allowed.

Common symptoms of helminthiasis in adults are as follows:

  • Allergy – eczema spots, acne, hives, warts, psoriasis;
  • regular cough;
  • pneumonia, common cold;
  • constipation;
  • diarrhea;
  • catarrhal diseases;
  • apathy, seizures, teeth grinding, depression;
  • joint and muscle pain;
  • itching in the anus;
  • swollen lymph nodes;
  • bitter taste in the mouth;
  • pain in the abdomen, the liver;
  • temperature rise;
  • the gain of the snoring;
  • swelling of extremities;
  • loss of appetite, weight loss;
  • nausea, vomiting.

To get rid of the worms you need immediately and only with the help of experts. Self-medication leads to peritonitis and other negative consequences, as an independent excretion of parasites can cause mechanical damage to the organs.


When you "check in" parasites in the intestines (not in muscle), the main symptom is digestive disorders. Signs of helminth infection: diarrhea; chronic constipation; feeling of nausea; vomiting; pain across the abdomen; pain of the liver; flatulence.

signs of worms in the body

Violation of the Central nervous system

In the process of development of the parasitic organisms excrete a huge amount of aggressive poisons of biological origin that poison the body. The stronger

poisoning, the more amazed by the cells of the nervous system. To determine the presence of worms one of the following: headaches, dizzy, joint pains, fever, fever. The adult worms suck in literally all the vitamins, minerals, micro-components, are necessary for normal human life. Lack of vitamins, micro - and macroelements is manifested by CNS depression, leads to chronic fatigue, sleepiness, insomnia. The man screams at night, he dreams. Many appears or increasing snoring. Some of the "creak" teeth. In children, worms, influencing negatively on nerve cells, causing mental retardation (mental retardation). Some people due to stress caused by poisoning of the body, you may see depression, irritability.

A clear indication that there are worms in humans (symptoms) – pale skin. It speaks of developing anemia in case of lack of b vitamins and iron.


Worms – foreign organisms and their metabolic products. Cells of the immune system immediately begins to react to foreign substances, releasing antigens. Increasing levels of these substances is expressed in Allergy.

On the skin develop hives, itching. Allergic rhinitis, cough, bronchial asthma; splitting, brittle nails, dull hair – all this may indicate the presence of a species of tapeworms.

Reducing the protective properties

The lack of vitamins and minerals leads to a significant decrease in the protective functions. Thus worsen existing chronic diseases or develop the disease, accompanied by inflammatory processes. Women and girls increases the risk of bacterial vaginosis. Therefore, frequent infectious diseases, it is advisable to be tested for the presence of parasitic organisms, and not to overfeed children pills.

What symptoms may occur in children

How to cure worms, think, and parents.

If the child helminthiasis, symptoms are:

symptoms when the parasites
  • hyperactivity of the child;
  • children complain of discomfort in the anus – itches, and it itches;
  • increased salivation (may appear during sleep and in the morning);
  • eating large amounts of sugary foods;
  • peeling on eyelids;
  • problems with hair – dull, damaged;
  • a brittle nail plate;
  • causeless anemia the skin becomes pale;
  • a permanent state of drowsiness and lethargy;
  • the lack of interest in games;
  • whims;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • refusal of food;
  • weight loss;
  • child complains of soreness of the abdomen;
  • regular diarrhea;
  • restless sleep;
  • grinding of teeth in sleep;
  • mental retardation;
  • eczema, hives, itching, which can lead to whims, mood swings;
  • frequent viral respiratory infections, acute respiratory infections.

If three or more of the child's symptoms need to be mandatory to examine. Maybe he's infected with worms. Not to say that some forms of parasites
harmless. Any parasitic organism can cause enormous harm, especially to children. Don't forget that worms can cause abnormalities of the heart, liver, eyes. Some parasites lead to the formation of cancerous tumors. So no need to self-medicate, and it is better to ask the doctor about how to treat worms in children.

Symptoms of parasites

To understand how you get rid of worms in humans, you should know the symptoms that manifested each of the species of tapeworms.

Depending on the localization of worm infestation may be:

  1. Translucent. Abdominal species of worms inhabit the area slim and colon. For example, the area of settlement ascarids, tapeworms wide – the small intestine. Pinworms live in the lower part of the small intestine, whipworm lives in the region of the colon.
  2. Muscle (cell). Live in muscle cells, lung cells, brain cells, liver, lymph nodes, eyes. Some of the worms are cell, because in the early stages migrate from the blood circulation and colonize above-mentioned bodies.

Flat parasites

types of worms
  • Fluke. Located in the hepatic tubules. Causes cancer of the digestive system. You can become infected by eating salted raw fish products. The symptoms of worms in adult human: fever; vomiting; dyspepsia; pain in the spleen, liver; allergies. A person periodically dizzy, disturbed sleep; there is a migraine; he becomes irritable; frequently changing mood. Treatment of helminthiasis held in the hospital.
  • Schistosoma. Ways of infection – bathing in the charging reservoirs, drinking dirty water. Parasite in the small veins of the large intestine, abdominal cavity, small pelvis, uterus, bladder. May be localized in the brain. The symptoms of worms are loss of appetite; impaired digestion; blanching of skin; abdominal pain; dyspepsia; intestinal and uterine bleeding, weight loss, and intestinal obstruction. In women it causes menstrual irregularities, during the period of gestation was recorded miscarriages due to the presence of worms. Men develop impotence; reduced sperm production (infertility). Children suffer from stunted growth, mental development. With the defeat of brain cells, impaired consciousness, possible paralysis, seizures. Such condition can cause death.
  • Pulmonary flukes. What worms appear in humans from consumption of freshwater crab, fish, pork. The worm affects the organs of the bronchi, lungs. Signs of worms in adults: temperature rises; the man begins to cough, and for a long time. During cough sputum stands. Observed headache; shortness of breath in the absence of movement; impaired vision; vomiting.
  • The Echinococcus. A very dangerous specimen. Can cause death. Long time neighbors with the person who can not Express themselves. Ways of infection – Pets, often dogs. A person infected, not observing the hygienic rules. Echinococcus causes development of cysts in the human body. Treatment for worms in adults is only possible surgically. Often affects the digestive system, respiratory, brain, bone. Symptoms in adults depend on the organ affected. Liver: pain in this area, different in character, heaviness, fatigue, allergic skin reaction, yellow. Lungs: pain in the sternum, coughing, shortness of breath. Brain: headache, vertigo, paralysis, mental disorders, epilepsy. Bones: aching muscles, joints; there are frequent fractures.
  • A tapeworm. One of the major parasites. Lives in the small intestine. The route of infection is consumption of little salt caviar fish have not undergone heat treatment. Characterized by worms in the human body frequent attacks of vomiting; pain in abdomen; indigestion; loss of appetite; fatigue; anemia; decrease in blood pressure; migraines. Sometimes the pain is so powerful that it leads to fainting.
  • The bovine tapeworm. The path of contact – infected beef. Worm infestation inhabits the small intestine. How to understand what happened to get infected? Signs of worms in humans: stomach pain; severe nausea; excessive increase of appetite; weight loss; rumbling in belly; flatulence; frequent stools.
  • Pork tapeworm. Lives in different bodies. Modes of contamination – lack of hygiene, unwashed fruit. To determine that the human worms can be a headache, lasting, and regular migraines. The person sleeps poorly, often waking up in "cold sweat" because of the nightmares, so over time it becomes irritating. Disturbed appetite, appears belching.
  • Dwarf tapeworm. Gets to the person through the mouth from dirty fruits and vegetables. Lives in the region of the small intestine. Symptoms: fever, nausea, salivation, burping, heartburn, rhinitis, dryness of the mucous membranes.


how to determine the presence of worms
  • Ascaris. You can become infected after consuming unwashed vegetables, fruits. Tapeworms live in the small intestine. Symptoms of worms in man: in the anus area itches, the person feels the movement of the worms that causes crazy uncomfortable. It can increase temperature, increased lymph nodes, in the evening a headache. Increased liver, are visible manifestations of Allergy (hives in the feet and hands, dermatosis). Because of the CNS occurring mental disorders – depression, seizures, violent outbursts, nightmares. Impaired digestive function.
  • Enterobius. This parasite gets turned on by dirty hands. Lives in the colon and small intestine of man. The source of infection are sick people, failure to comply with hygiene standards. The first signs of worms: itching anal area, (worse at night); pain in stomach; sick; disturbed sleep. The person is restless and irritable; gets tired quickly. Some people on this background develop urinary incontinence; allergic reactions. The girls at worms appear profuse discharge from the vagina.
  • The species Trichinella. Threat worm infestation. Symptoms do not always manifest immediately. Ways of infection – the consumption of pig meat, vegetation near pastures. Worm infestation affects all systems and organs without exception. Cause worms in humans the following symptoms: loss of appetite; people are constantly sick, a recurring gag reflex. Broken bowel movement, intestinal pain. The distinguishing characteristic swelling of the face. Plagued by muscle aches; rash on the skin; fever.
  • Ancylostoma. Dangerous worms in the adult. Symptoms may be pronounced or absent. Affects the digestive tract (thin, duodenum). Ways of infection: contact with soil, where larvae are present; through the mouth with contaminated ground vegetables and herbs. Signs of worms: itchy skin Allergy; cough (sputum visible streaks of blood); the elevation of body, headaches. People dizzy, a feeling of weakness; soreness and aching in the bones (as with SARS). Plagued by hunger pains. After eating the person feel sick, throw up. Almost always after food swells in the stomach, and stomach aches. After eating two hours later there is diarrhea. Many, on the contrary, due to motility disorders of the intestine, which provoke the worms, constipation. The person is becoming drowsy, there is a fatigue even in the absence of physical activity.

How to get rid of parasites how to deal with worms, can only tell the doctor. You should understand the seriousness of the situation. People who are at risk (cooks, teachers, educators, fishermen, butchers, sushi lovers) diagnosis need to undergo at least 4 times a year. Traditional treatments will help in the fight against parasites, but only in combination with basic therapy. Treat parasites only decoctions and enemas – pointless and stupid.