Signs of worms

To determine whether a person has worms, especially at an early stage, the necessary special tests, which can show the overall clinical picture.

In the case when clear signs have begun to emerge, you can be absolutely sure that the worms have already managed to reproduce in the human body.

how to understand that worms in the body

This is because the larvae of the helminth is not developed and is in sleep mode, but the adult worm is enjoying all the "benefits" of the inner world of man. That is why at the moment when the parasite has had time to develop and symptoms appear.

The first and often unexpected signs of worms – headache and Allergy attacks. Both symptoms again punctually and do not disappear after long-term therapy.

Doctors are not always associated pain and allergic reactions with parasites because only after some time and lack of positive results in the treatment start to look for the true cause of illness.

In such cases, laboratory tests are appointed – tests. In order to rid yourself from the problems of serious magnitude should vigilantly monitor their health and to take into account even the indirect signs pointing to the fact that the body has "settled" worms.

How to understand that an adult has worms

In the early stages the first signs of worms appear in most of the cases the same. To detect the presence of worms in the body of an adult, you can follow this "complex" of symptoms:

  • Coughing is a long time and not passing even with medical treatment expectorant medications and antibiotics;
  • Skin rash of allergic nature. These include eczema, warts, acne, hives, boils;
  • Runny nose and pneumonia. These diseases of the upper respiratory tract can also indicate the presence of worms;
  • Due to the fact that the worms sometimes form in the human intestines the impressive size of the cluster in the form of clusters, it can be a chronic constipation;
  • Since they prevent bile and juice to stand out in the body, the person may experience diarrhea, accompanied by a feeling bloated stomach;
  • These creatures live at the expense of the vital forces of the person, and therefore the second is definitely reduced immunity, which in turn leads to frequent diseases of a catarrhal nature;
  • Insomnia, susceptibility to stress, teeth grinding during sleep – this is all the result of disorders in the nervous system;
  • The tendency to depression is the result of the fact that in human blood are waste products of the parasites that cause poisoning of the body;
  • Joint pain.

Important! For a good diagnostician fairly collected together any three of the above symptoms together, to recognize the presence of invasion in the body of an adult.

How to understand whether infection by worms the child

worms in a child

Due to the fact that a small child is not always openly talking about their ailments or just can't talk to diagnose in babies the bot quite difficult. But for a vigilant parent, nothing is impossible, and therefore to detect infection task is feasible. - Infection with parasites is determined by the following symptoms:

  • Copious saliva. It is especially evident during sleep and morning period;
  • Too active or too lethargic and sleepy baby;
  • In terms of gastronomy become a favorite dish of sweets;
  • The child scratches the anus. Especially it becomes noticeable in the morning and night;
  • The baby flakes ever and very much broken nails;
  • Children infested with worms are often ill with colds, the flu, SARS, etc.;
  • The appearance in history of the diagnosis of anemia. Anemia is a decrease in hemoglobin levels and reduced levels of red blood cells.

The most obvious sign of the presence of worms in a child is a disruption of the nervous system. He is greatly irritated over nothing, shows aggression, often crying. For this result we can say "thank you" parasites, actively developing in the child's body with their waste products.

Important! If a baby has this disease as difillobotrioz, or ascariasis, the absence of treatment leads to the fact that the level produced by the parasites toxins reaches a high level.

This in turn causes the dizziness and headaches as the toxins enter the brain freely moving in the blood.

For some reason worms as a negative influence on human health

The first alarm bell when invasion is a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. As worms is a foreign organisms inside of a person, the reaction, respectively, is negative. The main part of the parasite settles directly in the intestine and lays eggs inside it, thereby influencing the intestinal wall. In addition to the intestine, the eggs can be placed in other vital organs – heart, lungs and brain.

If there are signs of the emergence of worms in the format of the disruption of the digestive tract, these violations will lead to the logical conclusion – vomiting and nausea.

This can be explained by the fact that they are "outsiders" within us, and the body manifests the reaction to the products of their vital activity as a toxin. Toxins – the first instigators of poisoning. And poisoning accompanied by vomiting and nausea. That's the whole answer where the circle closes.

Diarrhea when infected with worms is called some kinds of worms, which secrete a hormone that prevents the absorption of liquid by the intestines. Often with the appearance of pathologies in the digestive tract the doctors first diagnosed the poisoning and send the patient for treatment in the infectious Department.

Due to the fact that this is not poisoning in the full sense of the diagnosis, then the treatment will be completely ineffective relative to the solution.

If stomach upset all clear, does not quite jibe in my head the connection between joint and muscle pain, and worms.

This parasite settles in the muscle tissue, enclosing herself in a kind of capsule in which he can exist without food and movement for a very long time. As soon as the conditions for multiplication become favorable uninvited guest begins to lay eggs. Conventional treatment with drugs aimed at the removal of inflammation and pain do not have the desired effect.

signs of worms in the body

Why when infected with worms temperature

In the presence of worms in the adult and the child has been fever — 37,0 – 37,5°C. This temperature is called low-grade and often associated with infection of worms. This temperature is due to the following factors:

  • Poisoning of the body toxins that are thrown into the blood-vascular system, and apply on it;
  • The presence of anemia, low hemoglobin;
  • Dysfunction of internal organs;
  • Allergic reactions to existing in the blood of toxins;
  • Incorrect operation of the brain, in particular — snoring and teeth grinding in sleep.

Adult and kid react to the same "neighborhood" with parasites. This worm secretes into the bloodstream a huge amount of toxin affecting the kidneys and liver. Due to this, in the human body accumulate "excess" substance.

Since the immune system is always on guard of health, for each release of the toxin it reacts by the production of antibodies. But to work around the clock, nobody can and immunity is no exception. So, over time, these antibodies begin to attack not only on foreigners but also to native tissue. Such is the scheme of development of pathologies such as allergies and arthritis.

Some allergic reactions are considered to be symptoms of the presence of worms

Infection with helminths cause allergies, which in turn can manifest itself in various forms. In General, allergic reactions are divided into two types – local and General. Local reactions are itching and coughing. Common reactions include such features as brittle nails, weak hair, asthma and a constant runny nose.

In addition, symptoms of allergic reactions should alert and make you think about your health. Such manifestations of infection include:

  • The appearance of dermatitis in the mouth area and around it;
  • Acne and pimples;
  • Atopic dermatitis;
  • Psoriasis;
  • Herpes.

Important! Due to the fact that the immunity in the adult and child is weakened in the period of infection and the body becomes the perfect target for such diseases as stomatitis, sinusitis, candidiasis, and bacterial vaginosis.

Is it possible to determine who dwelt inside of You

Symptoms of infection with worms is defined for each of the helminth. To determine the presence of certain symptoms, you should see some types of worms. Today, there are approximately 100 species of parasites that reside in the human gut. That's because they begin to develop pathology in the gastrointestinal tract. The most well-known "pests":

  • Ancylostoma;
  • Whipworm;
  • Dwarf tapeworm;
  • Lung flukes;
  • The larvae of the pork tapeworm – cysticerci;
  • Pinworms;
  • A tapeworm;
  • The Echinococcus.

It is easier to detect the presence in the body of pinworms, as they tend to self-get out through the anus.

Such "attacks" they need to lay their eggs on the skin mezhyagodichnoy region. Absolutely everyone from types of worms declares its presence in the human body dysbiosis.

symptoms of worms

When infected by human parasites observed pathology in the lungs, accompanied with fever. In addition to the temperature appears in a cough, which stands out yellowish sputum with blood clots. It is in this phlegm is possible to find the larvae of roundworm.

Muscle pain, swelling of the face (particularly the eyelids) and high temperature signal about the development of trichinosis.

A small test to determine the infecting worms

To determine the appearance of undesirable "neighbors" in the body want to take a little test that can give the answer to the question. You should answer "Yes" or "no" to the following questions:

  1. Do you feel itching in the area of the anus (particularly in the morning and evening)?
  2. Whether there is vomiting and nausea for no apparent reason?
  3. How good night's sleep – if You suffer from insomnia?
  4. Is there any enlarged lymph nodes?
  5. Rashes and skin irritation – a common phenomenon?
  6. Do You feel that the stomach as if swollen?
  7. Do You feel a bitter taste in your mouth?
  8. Whether you are experiencing painful, uncomfortable or aching sensations in the muscles and joints?

If 7 of the 8 questions was answered in the affirmative, you can be confident that infection with helminths occurred. They need to fight and not to let the disease go.

Important! Professional help is the first step to recovery. If you wish to treat with traditional medicine is, first of all, consult with your doctor.

Who is susceptible to infection with the parasite is particularly strong

It is no secret that personal hygiene and attention to this matter is directly related to helminthiasis. But sometimes even the rules can't protect people from infection.

In the first risk group includes people who are in close contact with animals:

  • Veterinarians;
  • Trainers;
  • Employees of zoos;
  • Owners of Pets;
  • People working in agriculture.

Next on the list of contenders for the infection is a medical workers and people working in a kindergarten or school. Caterers (canteens, restaurants, cafes, etc.) also run the risk of catching "neighbors".

Well, the largest group is children of pre-school age children, students in the elementary grades. Habit pull in the mouth objects, not washing hands before eating and sometimes the food itself before eating – the most common cause of infection.

Important! Here is a very important parental control and careful monitoring of the child, as the child is not always about uncomfortable feelings.

Sometimes this is due to shyness, sometimes because of ignorance that it should not be.

As the parasite penetrates inside

The body of an adult, being in a healthy state able to defend themselves from intruders. On the way to his intestines, the parasite undergoes a series of tests:

  • The protective barrier begins in the mouth. Inside it produces a special enzyme that do not particularly like to "taste" the worms;
  • The acidity inside the stomach – the second obstacle for the worms;
  • Immunity in the intestine – the third barrier on the inside.

Most conventional worm infestation originates from the larvae of helminths, which in the natural environment – water and land. The larvae of the roundworm, whipworm, pinworm, Fluke, etc. – enter the body through the consumption of unwashed vegetables, fruit, herbs or infected, untreated water.

But you can become infected not only from dirty food, but also from contact with an infected pet. Those people who eat poorly salted eggs and underdone fish should be on the alert, as with the "Goodies" in the body settles cat Fluke and tapeworm wide.

Low long heat processing of pork, beef and lamb opens the door for such malicious organisms like pork and beef tapeworm.

Pinworm and dwarf tapeworm is able tolerated using household supplies failure to observe rules of personal hygiene.

If the body is weakened, three of these protective barriers fail, giving the "pests" opportunity "to bloom and smell". That is why it is so important to take care of yourself and your body, to take preventive measures against worms and strengthen the immune system by all available means.

And don't forget that you need to follow not only their immunity, but also for the well-being of their relatives, as infection can occur as a from Your side and in the opposite direction.