Treatment and prevention of parasites in the human body

Parasites are the simplest types of bacteria that live off the nutrients of another organism, parasitic on it. They feed on ready organic substances produced by others.

parasites in the body

Tapeworm in human intestine. Increase the head attached to the intestine.

At the moment there are more than twenty species of parasitic life forms that can live in the body of animals or humans.

They all can get into our body and cause a large number of diseases and infections. Very often, these bacteria occur in children, because they have not such a high level of immunity, despite the fact they have a lot of contact with animals and some dirty things.

Remember that young child often takes all in the mouth?

These items can be dangerous parasites. In this article the classification of parasites in the human body, how to treat infectious diseases and what is needed to keep the harmful bacteria in your body.

Parasitic bacteria in the human body, what organs they can live?

In the human body and on the skin are simple bacteria, they can be single-celled and many cell.

Parasites that live on the body are called ectoparasites. Such are bugs, lice and similar pathogens scabies. The other is called endo parasites, as they live inside the human body. These include amoebas, worms, and insect larvae.

The second most dangerous, whereas the first is simply unpleasant.

Internal parasites often cause serious diseases, and to get rid of them is harder than from the outside. Medicine has found many ways to get rid of them, and also has extensive experience in the treatment of parasites in the human body.

Each parasite has its perfect place in the body where they have all the conditions for a parasitic way of life, that is, need nutrients for growth and reproduction. Some of them can move around as they grow.

Most often endogenous parasites can be found in the intestine, muscles, blood, lungs, heart and liver. Certain types even live in nerve tissue. External parasites live on the skin.

parasites in humans

How parasites can enter the body?

The first method is the introduction of bacteria into the body with food and water. Sometimes it is contaminated or dirty, therefore there begin to multiply microorganisms. Insects such as flies and cockroaches also carry many harmful bacteria. Some types of food initially contaminated raw fish or raw meat. Very often the meat of cattle infected with parasites, so people won't eat it raw.

The second — contact-household. In this case, the parasites are transmitted from person, through household items, or animals. Very often infectious bacteria tolerate the street animals — dogs, cats, birds and rats.

Third — transfer through the blood by mosquitoes. In cold climates this rarely happens, most often infected mosquitoes live in hot countries.
The fourth independent getting some insects in the human body. They gnaw through the skin and embedded in muscle tissue or blood, and then go where the best habitat.

What symptoms are observed in the presence of parasites?

Parasites in humans can cause very different symptoms — from insomnia, often unnoticed, to skin lesions. For example, often cause skin lesions and scabies. Internal worms that live in the lungs, often cause coughing. When they are in the intestines, you might be bothered by constipation, vomiting or diarrhea.

But common symptoms of parasites in humans are the following: insomnia, General fatigue, headaches, sometimes allergic reactions. Very often people use folk remedies, but those are not always pleasant, for example, not everyone will be able to drink a glass of juice sauerkraut at worms.

Consider the symptoms if there are different types of parasites:

  • the most common parasites to humans are tapeworms or roundworms. They cause intestinal upset and stomach pain, irritability, insomnia, and bouts of anxiety and sometimes dizziness. To detect them quite easily, they can be seen in the feces or to test positive for egg worm,
  • next is quite dangerous parasite is a tapeworm. It often causes discomfort or pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, appetite (you eat a lot, but it does not increase your weight), pain in the liver and the presence of worms in the feces of it,
  • in the presence of pinworms in humans, it can notice a loss of appetite, insomnia, nervousness and itching in the anus.

How dangerous are parasites?

They violate the bodies that cause inflammation in the tissues and destroy them. Produces toxic substances that destroy the body.

A pest, a parasite on you that can cause lack of vitamins, General weakness and reduced immunity in both adults and children. The presence of this parasite in children is very dangerous, as they greatly retard their development. Very often to get rid of parasites in the body is difficult, as they tend to adapt to the environment and don't want to leave their usual dwelling.

How to treat parasites?

treatment of parasites

To get rid of parasites, you must first consult doctor. He will prescribe a certain drug or a more natural remedy.

There is also a treatment of folk remedies, however, it is preferably carried out in symbiosis with drugs.

Medical treatment

The doctors had found an effective treatment against parasites in humans.

Some drugs is presented in the form of tablets, others in a different form, e.g., liquid. The dosage prescribed only by a doctor, do it yourself no side effects not possible. Medicines have differences in age of the patients for which they are intended.

In today's world there is another way to cure people with parasites. It is called oxygen and is relatively recent, it is only performed in hospitals under the supervision of a physician. First, the patient receives colon cleansing enema, then inject the oxygen with a probe. After filling, the oxygen of the stomach and colon, the parasites die. With this method cured the patient does not receive any adverse symptoms, in contrast to the medical technique.

Parasites: quick treatment with folk remedies

Various parasites in the human body of folk remedies, you can display, even some doctors recommend some natural remedies for getting rid of such pests.

The best known treatment for parasites is pumpkin seeds. They contain many nutrients that are useful to man and its microflora, but disastrous for the simplest pests. In order to completely recover, eat 20 grams of pumpkin seeds on an empty stomach in the morning and later after 30-40 minutes, drink a laxative.

As a natural laxatives you can use vegetable oil, the most common is castor.

For the treatment of parasites folk remedies have adult use special teas against worms, and after bowel cleansing by enema. To prepare the broth you can take wormwood, cloves, or celandine, tansy. They all have a sharp and bitter taste, so make the environment in the intestines is not fit for pests.

However, follow used herbs, many of them are prohibited for pregnant women.

Diet for prevention of parasites

Everyone who has ever faced with the presence of parasites, you know how important rehabilitation and prevention. This doctor often assigns a special diet. Recommend separate meals, when carbohydrates and proteins you eat separately from one another. Because if we eat them together, the stomach is not receiving the correct signal that need to be digested and what enzymes are required for this.

Not fully digested food is a great way to feed the parasites, so they continue to live and grow.

For example, meat, beans can not eat together with potatoes, pasta or bread. It is better to combine them with vegetables. If you want to have carbohydrates and proteins, between their admission should make 2 hour break.

Can't give up your favorite sandwiches?

Eat them with vegetables, cooked on the grill. Often eat cereal, they are perfectly clean body.

treatment of folk remedies

Body cleansing

To cleanse and expel unwanted parasites from the body, will help some plants, which can often be found on sale in pharmacies, on the market or in the supermarket.

For the first method you will need the green skin of walnuts. If you live in a hot region, you can certainly find walnut trees and collect them unripe. Take 15 nut, remove the green rind and fill it with vodka. Leave to infuse for a month in a dark dry place. Then dilute one drop of tincture in half a glass of water and drink.

Gradually increase the dose by a drop each day for seven days. Then gradually increase to 2 x teaspoons, take the medicine a couple of times a day. During the next year continue to take the tincture 2 teaspoons, twice a day. That's quite a long course of purification, but very effective.

More simple way is to use clove seeds. They need to grind up to a powder state. Simply take one half teaspoon of this powder. Within ten days, gradually reduce the dosage, at the end of the period you have to get to one teaspoon.

For bowel cleansing will help a variety of freshly squeezed juices. For example, carrot, cucumber, lemon, beet, Apple — all of these juices by drinking on an empty stomach creates a certain environment in the stomach and eliminate parasites from the body.