The most effective means of prevention and treatment against parasites

The human body is an acceptable habitat for many microorganisms. There are some simple rules that will not allow pests to become the owners.

Symptoms the presence of parasites

Man is the crown of creation. But not everyone knows that it is a place of residence for many parasitic organisms. Bacteria, fungal infections and many different types of worms reside in the bodies of 85% of the world population. This neighborhood leads to the deterioration of health and many diseases, the causes of which doctors can not immediately identify. That is why prevention of parasites in humans should be one of the first places among the health measures.

Symptoms the presence of parasites

Parasites use the host organism as habitat, eating his food, first and foremost, vitamins, litter waste their life's blood and other systems. Per day single worm lays up to half a million eggs. The parasites settle in literally any organ, including the intestines, liver, muscles, brain, lungs, mucous membranes of the eyes and act against the owner.

Being in the human body for a long time and in large numbers, the worms cause such symptoms:

  • inflammation of the walls of the intestine, obstruction absorption of nutrients;
  • flatulence, bloating of the small intestine;
  • the dysbacteriosis;
  • large parasites can cause obstruction of ducts and intestines;
  • provoke diarrhea;
  • inflammation of the respiratory system as a result of migration of certain parasites;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • immune functions of the body;
  • allergic to the parasites themselves or as a result of metabolic disorders;
  • any skin rashes, ulcers, papilloma, eczema, and other diseases;
  • muscle, joint pain due to injury to the parasites;
  • violations of body weight;
  • sleep problems;
  • teeth grinding during sleep as a result of irritation of the nervous system;
  • depression, neurosis, anxiety;
  • physical, mental, emotional fatigue of a chronic nature;
  • weakness, a condition like the common cold or the flu;
  • prolonged poisoning and weakening of the immune system causes cancer.
Folk remedy for parasites

These symptoms may be present in other diseases, therefore, to draw conclusions or to prescribe treatment on their basis impossible. Often, conventional laboratory tests do not show the real situation. For the correct diagnosis requires a deeper study.

The greatest danger parasites pose to children and women during pregnancy. The developing organism is very susceptible to helminths and their toxins. The risk of delayed physical growth, inhibition of brain activity and other problems.

Sources of infection

There are worms that use the human body as an intermediate for its existence. Others come to him after transit stays in the body of any animal. Other types do not require mediation services. Each of them enters the human body on its own.


Pets or their street counterparts active carriers of worms. Games with four-legged friends enter a person at risk. Especially if you let them lick his hands and face, is from the master plates, and so on. After contact with the animals need high-quality processing of hands and clothes, which is extremely important for children.


Flies carrying infection, including larvae of the worms. Almost all blood-sucking insects, led by the mosquitoes, also transporterowych eggs of parasites on the human body. Should be protected from contact with the fleas and the lice, mites, bed bugs and other dangerous members of this species.

Food from the garden

Vegetables, berries and fruits that had contact with the ground, are the ideal providers of helminths. There are gifts of the beds is only possible after thorough washing. Otherwise there is a high risk of infection of human body parasites, and will have to undergo treatment.


Larvae of some species of worms waiting in the wings in the water. And there is the possibility of infection of the body dangerous pests. In no case should not drink from rivers and lakes. As well as wash this water, hands and food. Swimming in untested and suspicious places carries the same risk.

Fish and meat

Many species of fish, molluscs, crustaceans, large and small cattle, pigs and other animals are intermediate station for some worms. While in their body, the larvae wait for the moment when you get in the human gut. The greatest risk in humans who consume meat from animals in raw or undercooked form. To treat and release the body in this case have to use a special diet and pills against worms.

According to statistics, the sharp rise in helminth infection occurs in the summer. It was at this time targeted prevention of parasites and competent treatment.


How to get rid of uninvited guests

Opinions are fundamentally divided. Some believe that there is no presence of worms no problem, and forces the body enough to cope with a natural task. These people do nothing against parasites, reject any treatment and tablet, and even behave too carelessly.

Other supporters almost sterile way of life. Are constantly on the pill against worms, welcome both traditional and non-traditional treatment, boil the scissors before cutting the nails and iron absolutely everything, down to the socks.

However, in both cases, the human body suffers. You should consult with infectious disease and occasionally to fight against the invaders, using pills or an effective folk remedy.

Drugs against parasites

There is a considerable list of drugs active against worms. Pills is focused highly toxic to the human body, but affect specific parasites with high efficiency. Drugs with broad spectrum action is more gentle but they're not all strong. It is necessary that the tactics of treatment and pills prescribed by doctors with the features of the state of the human body, the degree of infestation.

Natural remedies for worms

Treatment against parasites can be made more effective by adding some traditional ways of getting rid of the scourge. But sometimes enough only one of the following recipes to cleanse the body without chemicals.

The simple folk ways:

  • add to any dish with raw garlic, onions, ginger;
  • essential oil of tea tree, bergamot or lavender – 2 drops of any food;
  • on an empty stomach to eat 2 tablespoons of raw sunflower seeds of pumpkins;
  • a decoction of fennel or chamomile, who drink instead of tea.

Reminder for family

So you don't have to undergo regular treatment, which is not always simple and harmless, it is recommended to timely resort to the prevention of parasites.

Principles of prophylaxis of parasites of importance for the entire family:

  • wash hands before eating, using the toilet and after it;
  • wash hands, back from the street, after playing with animals;
  • do not swim in unknown waters, do not drink the water;
  • do not eat unwashed vegetables, fruits and berries;
  • eat plenty of fresh vegetables with a bitter flavor, especially garlic;
  • to reduce the consumption of sweet yeast products;
  • meat products only be purchased in the audited areas;
  • observe the preparation of meat dishes;
  • Cleaning
  • keep the house clean, spending wet cleaning;
  • upholstered furniture carpets once a year, to treat antimicrobial means;
  • often to wash, wash the children's clothes and toys;
  • small children are not allowed to touch the animals, play ground and sand;
  • occasionally take pills or use traditional remedy against worms;
  • with caution and only when necessary resort to taking any medications;
  • try to keep the joy of the spirit, positive attitude to life.

There is nothing complicated in the prevention of infection with worms. To regain the health of your body, you only need to make the right decision and to exert a little willpower.