How to take tansy from parasites

Worm infestation is considered a common ailment. For controlling harmful organisms are applied effective drugs and medicinal plants. One of the most popular folk remedies tansy is from parasites. How to accept what is useful and who should not use the plant cover in this article.


Inflorescence, so-called, wild Rowan have unique properties to help get rid of Giardia, pinworms and ascarids. This plant species is used in many countries as the official anthelmintic natural drug. To consume it under a special scheme, respecting the duration of therapy, and to cook strictly by the recipe. Grass is not considered completely safe, so before taking consult your doctor.

Useful properties

Tansy has had a negative effect on the parasites thanks to its particular composition. It contains mono-Turpin, which can cause paralysis of muscles from malicious worms. This ingredient in small doses is safe for humans and even allowed to add in food products, giving them a tart taste. The presence of bitterness creates unfavourable conditions for habitation and reproduction of helminths in the digestive tract.

Tansy consists of the following useful components:

  • ascorbic acid;
  • tanning substances;
  • polysaccharides;
  • essential oil;
  • alkaloids;
  • organic compounds.

In addition, the herb promotes the excretion of toxins accumulated in the process of vital activity of parasites. In addition, it improves heart and blood vessels, quickly restores and nourishes damaged tissue. The result speeds up the healing process of the patient and improving his overall health.

The characteristics of the impact

Tansy is included in the list of crops that have a bitter taste. In practice, it has been proven that this substance is a good antagonist of the malicious worms that are parasitic in the digestive system.

Worms live and thrive in an environment enriched a large amount of sugar. The presence of bitterness in the environment affects their growth and development.

Effect of tansy for worm infestations

Effect of tansy in helminth infection does not end there. In addition to toxic effects, it helps to eliminate the still-living parasites from the body. The plant gradually builds up in the colon, on its walls. And at the time of discharge worms leave the human body together with feces.

Safe reception of the wild Rowan

Before you resort to this method of getting rid of the alien threat worms, you must learn the rules of receiving this plant. For pest control uses the flowers and seeds or the powder of the crushed dry grass. Allowed the use of tansy for worms in the form of infusion, decoction and alcohol tincture.

Medicinal drink can't drink for a long time, as it contains the substance thujone, which in high doses can cause hallucinations, clouding of consciousness and mental disorders.

Admission of national drugs twice a year, with the course duration not more than a week. After consumption, it should only take a laxative drug, which is necessary for cleaning the digestive tract from dead parasites.

Where to find

Perennial tansy is included in the Asteraceae family. It grows in temperate climate zones. It can be found almost everywhere. Yellow blossoms found on forest edges, in meadow steppes, near the water, in open Sunny fields. The plant blooms in July–August and fruits ripen in September. In self-assembled grass retained the highest concentration of nutrients.

Most importantly, to be collected in ecologically clean areas, far from roads and industrial areas.

Wild Rowan can be found and purchased at the pharmacy. The price for it varies from 50 to 90 rubles. In addition, there are capsules or tablets from dry grass, intended for the destruction and removal of harmful pests from the body.

How to harvest

If you harvested the plant yourself, you need to dry it in the open air, avoiding direct sunlight or in a well ventilated area. Periodically stir the mixture.

A pressed flower should be stored in paper bags or cotton bags.

For anti-parasitic recipes used wild Rowan collected two years ago. Old grass don't already have all useful features.

Dried blossoms can be ground in a coffee grinder for easy and correct application. The place where raw materials must be dry. Only in compliance with all of the tips on collection and preparation of the tansy its medicinal value remains unchanged.

Tea with tansy

Contraindications and adverse reactions

Drink tansy parasites must with great care, strictly observing the dosage in recipes. Because of the toxic component to be treated in this way should be no more than a week. If there is a need to extend the course, it is better to take a break for a few days, then resume it. Special care should be taken during therapy, children, people with chronic diseases and old age.

Contraindications to the use of tansy:

  • children's age;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • breast-feeding;
  • hypertension;
  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of neoplasms of unspecified etiology;
  • allergies;
  • renal and liver failure;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • hyperthermia;
  • SARS;
  • gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Adverse reactions include:

  • headaches;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • bowel disorders;
  • painful sensations in the stomach.

To treat whether the grass pregnant women and children

Women in the position of such a way of dealing with parasites is contraindicated. The plant leads to an inflammatory process in the uterus and miscarriage. It promotes contraction of the muscles, causing contractions in a pregnant woman. Toxic substances tansy adversely affect the development and formation of the fetus. Thus, the Anthelmintics are prohibited from taking while carrying the baby.

Tansy against worms given to children only in the form of a decoction, while carefully observing the dosage of the preparation. The drug should not be used for treatment of parasites toddlers up to 3 years, as it causes various disorders in a small body. Herbal infusion is recommended to drink child 3 times a day in the following proportions:

  • from 3 to 7 years: 1 tbsp;
  • 7 to 10 years: 50 ml.;
  • from 10 to 14 years for 75 ml.;
  • over 14 years of 100 ml.
The flowers of tansy

To medicate of not. Only a doctor should decide how to take tansy, in what dosage and how many days.

Popular recipes

All parts of the plant are equally useful and are used for therapeutic purposes. Of tansy is prepared: decoction, alcohol tincture, tea or powder.

From the method of preparation depends directly on the efficiency of anthelmintic remedies.

Tansy pure

For getting rid of parasites in this way will need a powder from the dried flowers of the herb. It is easy to make, store and eat.

To do this:

  1. Grind in a mortar or coffee grinder main ingredient.
  2. To put it in a special tightly sealed container.

Ready means you need to eat 0.5 teaspoon before meals twice a day.

The optimal duration of therapy is 5 days.

It is important that during treatment, the powder of tansy was not included in the human respiratory tract, may cause various ailments. In order to avoid such moments, you can pre-pour it in a glass of warm water or mix with honey. In the latter case, bitter taste in the mouth is not pronounced, and used plant medicine is much nicer.

Seed powder

According to many experts in the field of herbal medicine, the seed powder of the plant is more efficient than the decoction of inflorescences. Liquid funds absorbed in the stomach in large quantities, and the intestine, which is home to the main parasites, the fall in small quantities. Thus, a positive result can only be achieved during long-term therapy.

The powder of the seeds of tansy being in the digestive tract, almost never processed by the stomach and unchanged is in the large intestine. The consumption dose for adults is 0.5 teaspoons before meals twice a day. The course of treatment such a tool is much shorter. It can span from 3 to 5 days, as the effect is achieved faster.


Drink from parasites prepared from 2 tablespoons of inflorescences of tansy, which are filled with one liter of water. In a water bath the mixture is brought to a boil, then infused for about two hours.

Ready an anthelmintic drug should drink warm at 50 ml after meals 3 times a day. The course is one week.

The patient must be sure to maintain the proportion while cooking, herbal tea and adhere to admission rules of natural medication. To keep the beverage in cool place. Expiry date — day.

In the preventive purposes it is sufficient to drink the infusion once a week for several months.

Tansy and pumpkin seeds

Tansy and pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds have potent antiparasitic activity. They contain cucurbitina, which is a toxic substance. He has contributed to the loss of almost all types of worms, small and large animals as it has a toxic effect on their muscles, eggs and larvae. As a result, the parasites lose their ability to cling to the intestinal mucosa, actively proliferate, and excreted with feces.

When used together, tansy and pumpkin seeds properties of these components complement each other, giving the worms a detrimental effect. For the preparation of popular folk remedies will need: 10 g inflorescences and 70 g peeled sunflower seeds. Components must grind to a fine powder.

The mixture daily take 1 tbsp before meal. The patient to solve their problems only three days of therapy.

"Russian triptych"

If you combine several anthelmintic herbs, the effect will come after a couple of days after the use of the funds. Russian triptych known for many decades as a powerful herbal remedy against parasites.

Its main components:

  • the flowers of tansy — 3 g;
  • wormwood — G. 1;
  • cloves — 1.5 g.

The compound does not require heat treatment, infusion or brewing. It only needs to be divided into 3 parts:

  1. On the first day of admission eaten 1 dose 30 min.before meals.
  2. On the second day of treatment — 2 doses.
  3. On the third day — 3 dose.

You must repeat the 3 day treatment before the end of the week. For prevention, take one dose 1 time per week for 3 months.

For the comfort of the consumer is permitted dilute means a small amount of water.

All you need to do prescription and abide by the rules of admission.

Tincture of tansy

To prepare the tincture of tansy will need: 100 ml of vodka (you can use 70% alcohol) and 25 g of inflorescences. Flowers should pour alcohol and leave for 10 days. The solution should be periodically stir. Herbal medicine is stored in a dark place at room temperature.

Take 30 drops of tincture in an hour after dinner at night for 6-7 days. Before consumption the product can be diluted with a glass of water.

Diseases of the digestive tract tincture in its pure form is prohibited to drink, as alcohol irritates the mucous membranes of the organs. To avoid deterioration of health, you should consult with your physician.

Chicory, tansy and yarrow

Chicory, tansy and yarrow

A decoction of tansy, chicory and yarrow, too, copes well with helminthiasis. For effective pest control must first be properly prepared:

  1. All the components of the collection in the same proportion to 1 tsp mix and pour 0.5 liter of boiling water.
  2. The product to a simmer in a water bath on low heat for about 20 min.

Cook for a long time it is impossible, as a long time heat treatment promotes the loss of useful properties of plants. The prepared decoction is taken three times a day 100 ml. after meals for 7 days.

This drink helps to get rid of dangerous pests and to purge the body of accumulated toxins.