Worms in children

Worms in children is quite common, as they are more exposed to the environment, and worms in their body fall with dirty hands, using sand and poorly washed foods (vegetables and fruits). Some helminths can be transmitted through blood mother to child in utero, and thus, he has already born with parasites living in his intestines or other digestive organs.

Signs of worms in children
  • Symptoms
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Traditional medicine

Unfortunately, parents have no chance to protect their child from this scourge, as worms can appear after it is purchased in the polluted pond, Pat domestic cat or dog, will eat not washing the Apple, etc. From sick baby to healthy eggs are only transmitted helminthic parasites such as pinworm and dwarf tapeworm – infection with other helminths requires the maturation of these eggs in the bodies of intermediate hosts (cats, dogs, cattle, fish, etc.). Therefore, the infection with other helminths may occur in the use of child meat or other products of infectious animals or by direct contact with them.

In short, worms in children are difficult to prevent, and even if parents from an early age encourage your child to observe rules of personal hygiene, still the baby might catch an infection, dealing with children on the Playground, playing in the yard or in kindergarten, etc.

Most often worms in children are detected in the newborn and preschool age. This is due to insufficient development of immune system and barrier function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Prevention of worm infestation (infection and dissemination) must be in compliance with these simple measures:

  • washing hands after walking in the street;
  • preventing close contact of the baby with stray animals (and sometimes homemade if you suspect that they have worms);
  • regular house cleaning with dust removal and washing of floors;
  • wash fruits and vegetables before eating them, a complete thermal treatment of food products such as meat, fish, etc.

The prevention of the spread of worms is to have each family member their hygiene items – towels, soap. It is also important to use separate spoons, plates, cups and other Cutlery.



Signs of worms in children may be pronounced or hidden. According to experts, 8 out of 10 children infected with helminths, however, in most cases, the symptoms did not manifest itself. This does not mean that worms do not pose the threat to children of. On the contrary, the latent form of the disease, when symptoms are absent, is even more dangerous. First, because the child's body may be the processes that cause severe complications on the background of worm infestation, and secondly, because such a child can be a source of infection to others (children, parents), which infection can rapidly spread.

If you have found worms in children the symptoms of the pathology first, will be of a clinical nature. Such a child will complain of:

  • distraction;
  • weakness;
  • lethargy;
  • irritability;
  • moodiness.

In most cases these symptoms of worms in children, parents take over the complex in an effort to rehabilitate the child or to apply corrective methods. More specific symptoms are caused by a helminth infection during active breeding season, during migration through the body, and also in those cases where the cause of complications in children.

Of course, each species of helminths may cause your specific symptoms. For example, the main symptom of pinworm – severe itching in the anal area that occurs at night. But there are symptoms common to all types of worms, including:

  • sleep at night, tooth grinding (night time);
  • diarrhoeal disorders (constipation, diarrhea, mucus in the feces, blood in feces, etc.);
  • cramping pain in the navel area (this area is the location of most of the helminths);
  • skin reactions such as atopic dermatitis.

To understand the baby worms can also be in the presence of a cough not associated with colds, on the background of well-being (happens when migrating certain types of worms in the body), nausea and vomiting, flatulence, and, of course, at the exit of the parasite along with stool that can be seen with the naked eye.

It may seem that the harm caused by helminths of the child's body is not too significant, therefore, to treat the disease or not (say, the worms themselves will die over time). However, to actually ponder the question, how you get rid of worms in children should, as early as possible – as soon as the first symptoms. Because, otherwise, there is a risk that the child will lag behind in physical and mental development, and also that he develop some complications ranging from inflammation of the Appendix and ending with acute intestinal obstruction or even intestinal perforation. Besides, according to doctors, more than half of all skin diseases in children are caused by the presence in their bodies of parasites, the treatment of which is not carried out.

There were several groups of symptoms, depending on the helminth parasites in the body of the child. So, if the child live in the body of the class worms nematodes (roundworms), the symptoms will be similar to the above, but for other helminths may be other specific symptoms, which must focus the treatment. So, when whipworm and trihozefaleze in children there is a disorder of the chair, with blood and mucus in it. It is also noted bloating, vomiting, mental development of the young child.

In opisthorchiasis the child's temperature rises up to sub-febrile indicators appear skin rashes, enlarged lymph nodes and liver. Also he will have pain in the stomach and right hypochondrium, nausea and vomiting, gastrointestinal disorders. Against this helminthic infection, if not treated, may develop severe pancreatitis and other complications.

When toxocariasis, which is found in children up to 4 years, the kids suffer a pronounced allergic cough, they have a itchy rash on the skin and affects the lungs, joints, liver and many other organs. If the disease is not treated, may develop irreversible damage to the eyes, chorioretinitis, keratitis and other serious violations.


Diagnosis and treatment

To install most of helminthiasis can passing a stool. There is a brief study of used in enterobioze (scraping) and an in-depth study of a feces on eggs of worms. The accompanying survey is the analysis of a feces on a dysbacteriosis. And appointed by the General analysis of blood.

In some cases, shows the study of blood DNA of certain species of helminths. But this analysis is expensive and not always justified, since DNA can long time remain in the blood, therefore, even if the child has no worms, the analysis can be positive, if he ever hurt one way or another parasitic infestation.

Treatment involves the use of pills for worms in children. Unfortunately, drugs that kill helminths, have a fairly high toxic effect on the entire body, so this treatment is justified only in cases of a confirmed diagnosis of helminthiasis. Cure for worms in children are divided into several groups, each of which acts on certain types of worms.

As mentioned above, drugs against worms for children selected by the doctor taking into account multiple characteristics. It determines what drugs have the most detrimental effect on certain helminth infection, and what drugs will cause least harm to the body of the baby, helping him to quickly get rid of the disease and severe symptoms.

Treatment to get rid of worms, usually carried out in two stages – the drug is taken again two weeks after the first course of treatment, which is associated with the cycle of development and multiplication of many parasites, and the inability to destroy their eggs when they are inactive. Unfortunately, in some cases to get rid of the worms is possible only through surgical intervention, for example, when there was a blockage of the lumen of the intestine and developed intestinal obstruction.

The methods of traditional medicine in the fight against worms

There are many folk methods to get rid of the worms in the shortest possible time without compromising the baby's health. Of course, traditional methods must be used with caution – it is best to consult with your doctor, to see something of traditional medicine for worms for children (taking into account the peculiarities of their body and health status).

People's methods to get rid of parasites, as well as very young children and older children. So, the treatment of parasites in the body infants can be done in this way: preparing warm garlic broth and used as microclysters for the baby. Or fit a newborn even such folk remedies for the treatment of parasites in the body, such as:

    Carrot juice
  • introduction cloves of garlic into the anus at pinworm;
  • carrot juice taken on an empty stomach with honey;
  • enema with a decoction of garlic in warm milk.

Unfortunately, for infants ways to get rid of pinworms folk remedies not so much, because they are prohibited from accepting many items that affect helminth devastating effect. But for older children and adults, folk ways are numerous and effective, among them:

  • the use of infusion of wormwood with milk;
  • a decoction of elecampane and celandine in equal proportions;
  • the fasting hemp oil;
  • the use of pumpkin seeds.