Medical treatment of the human body from parasites

Before looking for the answer to the question, how to get rid of parasites in the body medical course, it is important to know what types of pathogens, helminths, present in the intestine. Worm infestation is common around the world. Folk remedies may not provide the proper medication. To prevent transition to the chronic stage and to avoid relapse, parasites eliminate medication.

parasites in the body

Treatment of parasites

Parasitic worms have a number of properties that allow them to reproduce quickly, to cause allergies, disease in the walls of the intestine, finding new victims and slowly poison the body's waste in your life. Cleansing of parasites should be done immediately, while the body is not deprived of all nutrients. Infectious disease physicians developed a comprehensive treatment that helps etch the parasites. In the application of certain anti-parasitic actions are taken into account the following factors that can be identified in the diagnosis in the clinic:

  • the duration of the infection;
  • intensity;
  • frequency of infestation of tissues;
  • the level of intoxication.

Homeopathy is one way of getting rid of worms. Therapy has no side effects and is not aimed at the destruction of worms and the strengthening of protective forces of an organism. For personal advice you need to contact the homeopaths. How to get rid of parasites in the body medical? The classic treatment of worm infestation of medium intensity, a scheme of medical therapy in 3 stages:

  1. The human body and all the internal organs carefully prepare for the process of breeding worms. Along with the medication, binds toxins, take vegetable oil (linseed, pumpkin).
  2. Main stage – receiving Anthelmintics. The most effective of them have a negative impact on the body, but destroy the pathological environment, creating intolerable life conditions of worms.
  3. Recovery after the strong medications. It is important after a course to rehabilitate the function of the gastrointestinal tract, establish the work of the lungs, liver and kidney, improve immunity, to normalize metabolism of trace elements and vitamins. To normalize the liver function help tool with the composition of the active substance of milk Thistle.

The cure for parasites in the human body

To date, pharmacists have developed a drug medication that is safe for health, is bringing the worms. Another advantage of of medicines from herbal remedies is the ability to clearly influence the specific type of worms. De-worming drugs are divided into two groups: directional (which affect certain groups of helminths) and medicine against parasites a wide spectrum.

Pills from parasites

Pick up effective pills is from parasites to humans can only be a doctor. Depending on the type of parasites, the doctor will prescribe the correct treatment regimen. Children of preschool and school-age the most striking pinworms and Giardia, but since young body can't cope with potent drugs, prescribed light on the effects and safe drugs against parasites in the human body.

treatment of parasites

Adults are more susceptible to the penetration of the body cestodes, nematodes and trematodes. For their elimination it is necessary to determine the localization and the view of one of the three basic types of helminths. If the penetration of worms in the intestinal region did not happen, then you should buy in a pharmacy of a medicine against parasites in the human body.


Roundworms can be etched from the body with help of special pills from nematodes. Active substance of drugs does not eliminate the larvae and eggs, and eliminate only the adults. Based on this, the doctor will prescribe 2-3 weeks of re-treatment period. 5 hours after medication put the patient an enema with potassium permanganate, which can be replaced laxative of sulphate of magnesium or herbs (rhubarb or Seine).

To get rid of helminthes, the specialist prescribes oxygen therapy is a complex therapy, which involves injection of oxygen into the intestines, which makes clear the area in a natural way. Women who found pinworms, it is urgent to treat them, because they can get into the vagina and cause nasty diseases.


Flat worms, or flukes encompass many types. Distinguish 2 forms of parasitism of trematodes: acute and chronic. The patient does not leave the unpleasant symptoms, manifested as skin rash, abdominal pain, indigestion and mild fever. If along with the infection this type of helminths specialist detects bacterial infection, it is assigned a comprehensive treatment that includes cleansing the body and taking a course of antibiotics. What pills from parasites are the most effective?


Such group of parasites, like tapeworms are a tapeworm, bovine, pig or dwarf tapeworm. Some data types of worms do not respond to the first drug course and are resistant to pills cestode. In most cases, to kill parasites missing a single dose of medication, but if necessary, the doctor will prescribe a second course. The dosage is calculated based on the body weight of the patient to prevent overdose.

If you bot to get rid of worms can help surgery. The parasite is cut, if it is localized under the skin and medicines do not bring the desired results. About the full cleansing of the body of cestodes may indicate a way out of the head and neck of the helminth (the scolex). If not, then the tape worm re-grows.

Drops from parasites to humans

Proved that drops from parasites for people who have fewer adverse side effects and do not have such a devastating effect on the body than tablets against worms, medicinal components which do not appear wholly absorbed in the organs. The active substance contained in the droplets, completely go along with feces and urine. Thanks to the gentle method of neutralization of parasites, medication drops shown to the child or person with chronic diseases.

Chelators for purification

Group of drugs that have the ability to form relationships and to be removed through adsorption or absorption of endogenous and exogenous substances, so-called "chelators". All related components, without causing harm to the health, excreted in faeces. Colon cleansing of parasites occurs with the help of enterosorbents. There's lots of names of drugs, to understand which under force only to the doctor. On the basis of molecular size and sorption capacity of the specialist can designate one of such effective drugs.

enzymes against parasites


Substitutive enzymatic therapy is necessarily prescribed by infectious disease specialist after the patient is freed from parasites. To rehabilitate the intestinal flora necessary urgently: toxic decomposition products of vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms and potent drugs could not be displayed on the delicate and fragile walls of the stomach. To accelerate the stabilization process, improve digestive function and nutrient absorption used the following enzymes for the recovery of the intestine.

Vitamin therapy

After a successful course of action to eliminate parasitic worms, it is desirable to saturate the body with lost nutrients, what is successful will help of vitamin therapy. When vitamin a deficiency reduces the body's ability to resist re-infection and to recover after the previous one. Vitamins are essential for the synthesis of new cells, activation of the formation of energy in cells, improve digestion. Every effort is directed to enhancing the immune system, undermined by helminthic infestation. This will help such vitamins:

  • retinol (A);
  • pyridoxine (B6);
  • tocopherol (E);
  • Riboflavin (B2);
  • ascorbic acid (C);
  • nicotinic acid (PP).