Worms in feces, and helminth eggs

Worms in the stool is parasites, which can have an adverse impact on both the adult and child. But most of all-a risk for all children, as they have weaker immunity and excessive curiosity. Therefore, the worms in the feces or parasite eggs often possible to detect it in children.

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It's safe to say that worms is or was each of us, so you should know what harm they can cause to the person and how they look. It is important to remember that early detection and diagnosis of parasites is key to quick get rid of them.

Classification of helminths, parasitic in humans

There are more than three hundred worms which can affect humans. Among them are the following three classes, or 3 groups that are dangerous.

Round worms or as they are often called — nematodes

According to the title, nematodes visually look like rounded parasites, tips acuminate.

  • roundworm — a bright representative of nematodes. These worms are similar to spindle, females can reach about 40-50 centimetres long, males much less. The danger of these worms is that they live not only in the intestine, the parasites moving through the intestines and affect other internal organs. Roundworms are transparent, almost invisible body. The color of adult specimens can be yellowish-red. Eggs of Ascaris are often found in the feces, but this does not mean that you can easily find them;
  • whipworm — a small worm of a whitish color. Often, this type of worms found in stool in an adult or child. The parasite prefers to be in the rectum, respectively, and the eggs he identifies here that may allow the correct diagnosis;
  • The species Trichinella can reach the floor centimeters in length, it is difficult to say how it looks in Calais, because this kind of parasite lays eggs. This type of worms is viviparous, the larvae after birth spread throughout the body through the blood vessels, covered by the capsule and die in a few years;
  • pinworms look like small worms with a length of up to inches, are grayish-white. Almost impossible to find eggs of the worms of this type in the stool, because the females crawl out of anus at night to lay eggs in the folds of the skin. In rare cases, the worms lay eggs on the bed. By the way, the adults sometimes go along with feces, they are easy to spot even with the naked eye.

Tapeworms or cestodes

Have flat look and more like a flat ribbon. Data worms can develop only in the human body. The eggs of flat worms in the form of capsules have to get out with feces that then penetrate into the soil or water. Larvae must develop in fish or animal.

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  • a tapeworm is one of the largest worms, which can exist in humans. Often he grows to giant size, about 15-20 meters, he worm rolled into a ball to get out of it. Infection occurs only through fish products such as fish meat or eggs. Every day an adult can separate about a million eggs that go along with feces masses. Helminth eggs in the stool look like oval capsule with a yellow-brown hue. Each egg has a bump on one side, and on the other a cap;

Flukes are worms or flukes

There are about three thousand of the worms of this class, but many of them do not affect the human body. Their main feature is the spikes and suckers, which they attach on the inside of the organs, especially the intestines, sucking blood. Look like worms in the feces of this group? They can reach up to eight inches in length, often their body like flat sheet which can be easily attached to the surface and remains stationary.

  • Siberian cat flukes or Fluke —prefers to parasitize the cat's body. This kind of worms is oblong in shape, with a length of not more than one and a half inches, with a width of about a little more than a millimeter. The eggs of this parasite have a ready-made larva, which, together with the excrement comes out. For the further development of the eggs must get into water such as a lake or river;
  • the lung Fluke is more common in Asian countries, as these worms are transmitted through fish, crabs and other inhabitants of seas and lakes. These worms prefer to live in lungs eggs found in feces or saliva of a sick person. After going outside they need to get into the water directly the infection occurs. The eggs of the lung Fluke have a reddish color, so the saliva of the patient often has a rusty tinge.
  • liver flukes also refer to flat worms. This is a very dangerous worm, which can significantly worsen the condition of an infected person. To detect these worms in the stool, it is impossible for six months. Worm eggs are oval — these are large capsules which on one side there is a bulge.

Worms in Calais: photo

Is it possible to notice helminth eggs in the feces?

If you are wondering how to look like worms in the feces of a child or adult, it is difficult to detect them without a magnifying instrument. In rare cases you can detect only particles of dead worms or even live pinworms, but the parasite eggs are almost completely undetectable.

That is why in the laboratory to identify the worms, experts use microscopes and special dyes. So do not expect that you will be able to detect worms in a young child or without a visit to the clinic. Theoretically, the presence of parasites can indicate some of the symptoms.

The main symptoms of parasites in humans

In the initial stages it is impossible to determine whether the child or adult parasites. Even the medical examination and the taking of various samples for tests will not give an absolute guarantee of the presence of parasites. Parasites need time, but immunity may convey that the body has infiltrated the uninvited guests: usually a few hours or days after infection sharply raises the temperature, a rash and irritation on the skin, or starts diarrhea and vomiting. So the immune system makes it clear that he is trying to deal with pests.

Symptoms of worm infestation after the defeat of the human body:

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  • discomfort in the abdominal area, you may experience sharp pain, particularly after eating;
  • often there is diarrhea, as the intestine secretes large amounts of fluid to get rid of harmful substances worms;
  • can occur intestinal obstruction, constipation appear after worm large size covers the intestines and does not pass fecal masses;
  • nausea or vomiting, most often after meals, especially if she doesn't like worms;
  • allergic reactions usually appear on the skin as rashes and itching, if a person damages the skin, there is a high risk of secondary infection;
  • weight loss or conversely increased obesity. Worms have a negative impact on the metabolism, taking all the nutrients, leaving only remnants. But infected may either lose the appetite or, on the contrary, constantly want to eat, not knowing when to stop;
  • headaches, irritability and dizziness are often the result of high intoxication, as harmful substances secreted by the worms, mixed with blood, which negatively affects the nervous system;
  • temperature or even fever are also associated with toxicity of the body, adult worms often die, exacerbating the situation;
  • fatigue or chronic fatigue are also the result of the influence of helminths on the nervous system;
  • possible itching near the anus, a symptom often associated with the presence of pinworms;
  • cough, both dry and with a high content of sputum containing the eggs of parasites.

Treatment — how to get rid of worms in the body of a child or an adult

After the detection of worms in the stool, the patient must contact the hospital where the doctor-parasitologist, will conduct all necessary tests and identify the degree of development of the helminths, and helminths, according to him, child or adult.

  1. First, it is desirable to weaken the parasites, such as diet. You cannot eat fatty, bitter and sweet. It is recommended to drink plenty of mineral water, adults are not recommended to drink alcohol a few days before the start of treatment.
  2. Now assigned to the reception of the main drugs that will save the human parasites.

There are other effective drugs that can be used when dealing with worms. Each of the drug the active substance, it can affect children and adults, so before taking obligatory consultation with the doctor, and even better if he can prescribe treatment after the survey.

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After this drug there is a strong effect of intoxication, which can lead to vomiting, fever and even fever, especially in children (due to weak immunity). Many doctors after taking the medication for worms is recommended to take activated charcoal or white, also come another sorbent. These medications will cleanse the intestines and the body from dead parasites, not giving the effect of intoxication to disperse throughout the body.

After treatment ended, it is recommended to undergo the recovery: worms struck many organs and it is now necessary to restore the immune system. In this case, the person appointed taking vitamin complexes, you can drink carrot juice, eat more fruit. And most importantly, to protect against re-infection with worms that can hurt even more immature immune system after treatment.