Medication to get rid of parasites in the human body

When it comes to parasites in the human body, come to mind as "traditional" worms. But the situation may be more serious. Worms are small, sometimes not more than 1 cm, round worms. And when they occur the patient often falls into a state of panic. But the defeat is much more serious parasites – worms of various species can reach more than 10 cm Specimens have properties to move through the body of an infected person getting into the liver, stomach, lungs, mucous membrane of the eyeball. Also parasites cause untold damage to the body infected, clog your individuals tangles of blood vessels. The result is increased risk of heart attack, stroke and, consequently, death. Every year in the European part from the parasites die over a hundred people, while not even knowing about the problem. How to get rid of parasites in the body and to prevent the visits of uninvited guests?

Unwashed products

The parasites and their ways of penetration

Emit more than 250 kinds of varieties of parasitic worms that can inhabit living organisms in the human or animal body including. They always cause appreciable harm even harmless at first glance, roundworm lead to the destruction of the walls of the intestine, which manifests as internal bleeding and abdominal pain. To prevent infections, you should resort to methods of defense. If infection has occurred, require a fast and effective treatment, manifested mainly by the use of drugs.

To avoid infestation it is necessary to bring the possible ways of infection. Here are the following points:

  1. The contact path. People more often infected by tactile contact with contaminated surfaces play in the sandbox, swimming in ponds, and other actions.
  2. Food penetration of parasite eggs in the stomach – can't eat dirty vegetables and fruit, it is important to wash hands before eating.
  3. Insect bites also cause infestation – insects "transfer" to man the parasite's eggs through the mouth when you bite.
  4. Protozoan parasites are often transmitted through sexual contact, so it is important to monitor the membership in sexual intercourse with unfamiliar partners.

If there is an unusual situation from the above group, should be attentive to their feelings in the future. At the first signs of infection it is important to consult a specialist.


The presence of the parasitic species causing sometimes irreparable harm to human health. This is due to the presence of uninvited guests suckers and teeth that they stick to the walls of the internal organs and cause "a devastating blow". Similar stick to one place leads to the complete destruction of the wall and internal bleeding, to diagnose which is extremely difficult.

In addition to the destruction will have to face the consequences from the accumulation of waste products. Waste lead to the poisoning of the body, resulting in General malaise and General intoxication due to the lack of timely treatment.

Because the destruction of parasites, the body gets pretty serious, one is faced with such symptoms as:

  • constant feeling of starvation and unreasonable weight loss, or, conversely, lack of appetite and weight gain;
  • weakness, lethargy, anemia;
  • Symptoms
  • allergic reactions, which were not previously observed;
  • severe headaches, often migraines and high blood pressure;
  • disorders in the bowel, which is manifested in the form of constipation or diarrhea, strong pain in the stomach and intestines;
  • brittle hair and nails, pale and peeling of the skin;
  • pain in joints, muscles, arthritis;
  • herpes on the lips and other mucous membranes;
  • rash, itching or burning of the skin that it is impossible to explain the apparent causes;
  • insomnia, decreased performance.

When you define yourself several signs of with a lack of effective elimination after application of drugs should immediately consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

The danger of parasites

To have infected do not have any desire to leave everything as is, you should give an example possible complications from the presence in the body of uninvited guests. Here there are the following dangers:

  • Giardia in the liver, provoke cirrhosis;
  • Trichomonas often the cause of diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cancerous lesions;
  • roundworm hit the digestive tract and lungs, causing the person gets on the operating table from internal bleeding;
  • chlamydia cause infertility;
  • Trichinella cause convulsions and epileptic seizures, even if a pathology was detected;
  • trematode cause of cancer development;
  • Toxoplasma adversely affect development of the fetus, and cause an infected person have a mental disorder.

All the danger comes from the accumulation of wastes, their decomposition and excretion of toxic substances. Therefore, it is important to get rid of parasites in the body with medication, which will lead to a more rapid removal of worms. The use of folk remedies is better not to use as a primary treatment, but as a supplementary means are only useful. Basically getting rid of the parasites must be using drugs.


Before looking for the answer to the question, how to get rid of parasites in the body quickly and effectively, you should consult a doctor for examination and advice of a specialist. Diagnosis of infection is important for determining the type of uninvited guests – this will entail the administration of drugs and treatment regimen. It is important to determine the lesion and the damage to the body – required for additional treatment of the affected organs, to repair damaged walls and tissues.


Diagnostic events include:

  • serology – definition in the body of antibodies for "destruction" parasitic wastes;
  • histological coprogram – examination of thin sections obtained of feces for determining the presence of worms inside a person;
  • haemo intuens an – the examination of blood to determine the number of living drop, which in the presence of parasites in the blood increases to 2 thousand times the indicator indicates the presence of larvae in the human body;
  • the electroacupuncture – is rarely used, because electricity in the presence of the parasites will exacerbate the situation.

Whatever treatment had been adopted, it is important to be examined to determine the type of uninvited guests. This is important in order to avoid the application of chemical "useless" harm to the infected organism because the drugs contain the same poison for animals. It is important to choose the appropriate to destroy the base material, because otherwise you could cause complications in the patient.

Contraindications to medical treatment

Since the preparations are based on the content of poisonous component for parasites, medication is contraindicated in children and pregnant women – their treatment should be based on the use of folk remedies. The same is said in the treatment of young mothers. But they have a choice – to wean child from the breast and use drugs. This suggest experts who diagnosed complications from the activities of parasites. Moreover, the young mother must continue to breastfeed the child, in the diagnosis of uninvited guests.

The principle of reception of drugs

Medicines should be prescribed only by a physician in accordance with the basic principles of such treatment. The use of one drug may be ineffective but may worsen the situation, causing harm to humans.

Medication against parasites is carried out in several stages, which includes:

  1. Following a special diet. Depending on the kind of worms people should refrain from eating certain foods – this is necessary to prevent the breeding of individuals and the beginning of their oppression. Often the initial phase to last at least 3-4 days. When the accumulation of a large number of parasites the diet period is delayed.
  2. The use of drugs to cleanse the bowel and increase the flow of bile. Here it is possible to use and folk remedies, if there are no contraindications. The medication should take at least 5-6 days. Typically, this stage is combined with diet.
  3. The use of drugs to destroy the parasites. Almost all funds dedicated to the destruction of individuals in the body. Some of them paralyze harmful to guests, other poison. The use of funds can not last more than 5 days – the course is studied in the instructions for use.
  4. The final stage is represented by the removal of dead parasites from the body naturally.
  5. Cleansing the blood and internal organs of wastes.

Summing up, it should be noted that the principles of removing parasites from the body based on the sequence: purification, destruction, elimination – cleansing. The lack of observance of the stages will not lead to a positive treatment outcome.

The principle of reception of drugs

Effective drugs

Administration of medicines produces only doctor in accordance with the type of parasitic worms – it is important to consider their survivability, quantity, adaptability to extreme situations. All drugs are divided into groups in accordance with pharmacological properties.

The destruction of parasites

Initial purification can be performed by any acceptable to the patient drugs and methods. In the future, the doctor prescribes medicines for the destruction of individuals. Such medicines include:

  1. Drugs in the composition, in which the flowers of tansy, cloves, and wormwood. The herbal composition does not entail harmful effect on the internal organs of the infected, providing a soft impact. Infusions of the main components can be prepared independently, but the pills are highly concentrated, with the result that it may be sufficient only 2-3 of the reception facilities.
  2. The destruction of parasites is not only etching. There are effective remedy is pharmacological properties which aim to achieve a violation of the parasites of assimilation of glucose. This leads to their gradual destruction.
  3. Drugs, which paralyze the worms, which after two days die due to lack of supply. Therefore, their excretion starts almost immediately after treatment – individuals out of the body naturally alive.
  4. The drug, intended for the death of tapeworms and protozoa. Tapeworms cause more detrimental harm to the human body, so there is no need to use paralyzing means – it is better to put the parasites devastating blow quick action.

All medications are prescribed individually with the calculation of dosages and regimens.

The excretion of parasites

The dead parasites will go long naturally, so to kind of expedite the process recommended medicines. The most effective drug include blocker, bowel cleansing from dead worms. You can take medicine to adults and children older than 5 years.

Purification from the decay products

The destruction of parasitic animals and their excretion from the body does not take much time. It is much harder to cleanse the body, poisoned by the decay products. Here a doctor is assigned to a whole range of drugs, whose action is directed at certain "parts" for purification.

In addition, it is important to take medicines to strengthen the immune system to avoid "relapse" and a quick re-infection.

Treatment time

Treatment of helminthiasis, toxoplasmosis, and other diseases can last several months. The minimum time of treatment is a month – takes into account all 4 stages of the extermination of the parasites. The exact treatment regimen will be attending.

Prevention of infection

Prevention of infection

After removing parasites it is important to refer to preventive action, among which are the following rules:

  1. Hygiene – wash your hands before eating every time after the arrival of c street and presence in public places. To avoid reinfestation it is useful to use an antiseptic spray pocket size – always enough to have alcohol wipes.
  2. During treatment, daily change of bed linen – the only way to prevent re-infestation. By the way, even the usual worms have the ability to get out there and lay eggs near the anus. Accordingly, eggs of parasites are present on underwear and bedding. Both should be changed daily and after use of thing is bound to boil.
  3. Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before eating. It is useful to use special tools, which quickly and effectively eliminate the bacteria and possible parasite eggs.
  4. You cannot eat raw meat and fish – this increases the risk of Contracting Salmonella. Favorite sushi often the cause of infection of round worms. Before eating be sure to expose products to heat treatment.
  5. Do not contact with unfamiliar animals – they also become carriers of the parasite eggs. If skin contact occurs, wash your hands thoroughly. If you wore gloves or mittens after contact be sure to sterilize them, or at least wash it. Their animals are immunized and follow their behavior.

Infestation can occur most unusual for a person way. Almost all infected don't know how this happened. But if you feel unpleasant symptoms, indicating the presence in the body of parasitic animals, immediately contact the clinic for examination. Self-treatment is strictly prohibited.