Output of parasites from the body at home – the most effective methods

How to take care of it at home was known in ancient times. Then without chemicals, pills, expensive medications. Infection of the body is imperceptible to the man himself. To pick up the eggs of the worms can be anywhere – on the street, in a public place and transport. Vector control of helminthiasis are animals, sick people. Helminth eggs have on underwear, clothing, towels, wool of Pets. In the environment with the feces fall.

Abdominal pain

Where localized parasites

In the human body can infest more than 250 types of worms. Most often found:

  • pinworm;
  • Ascaris;
  • tapeworm;
  • whipworm;
  • Trichinella;
  • tapeworm;
  • Echinococcus;
  • Fluke;
  • crooked head and the duodenum;
  • Fasciola.

The infection of the organism occurs during a meal or in direct contact with the larvae in the human skin. A large part of the parasites is localized in the intestine. But before that the larvae are in various internal organs. Once in the body, the larvae quickly leave the egg, penetrate into the bloodstream. The migration phase can be in the heart, liver, biliary tract, uterus, bone marrow, blood vessels, finally Lodge in the lungs. Being in this body, are developing rapidly, damage the tissue, resulting in adhesions, scarring, cysts. Symptoms of infection with worms at this stage resemble influenza, pneumonia. Together with phlegm leave the lungs when it is swallowed is re-infection of the body. This time, the larvae again appear in the intestines. Continue their development into Mature individuals.

However, the life cycle of worms it is not always on such a scheme. Adult worms can re-penetrate the heart, liver, lungs, bone marrow, other organs. Often with clear signs of helminth infections the correct diagnosis is not possible. So how to take care of it and can it be done at home?


Method of cleansing the body

Alive fall into a stool only some kinds of parasites. These include pinworms. Other removed already in case of death. All this is due to the fact that most parasites have hooks, suction cups, other devices, which tightly cling to the intestines. Pinworms crawl freely in the intestine, so when active peristalsis ejected from the body with feces. Thus, the cleansing of the body aimed at removing the parasites out. How to do it? Worms should initially kill. However, it is not so simple.

Dead parasites are more dangerous than the living. They emit large amounts of toxins. Is the poisoning of the body with a number of side effects. Often after the cleansing of the body if misused, popular recipes, the patient is in the hospital chamber. You should consider all the nuances of body cleansing, to follow the recommendations.

To accelerate excretion of parasites from the human body to help this cleansing method like enema. With this purpose we prepare a special decoction. This method of purification is the consumption of laxatives. Every bowel movement leaves a certain amount of living and dead worms.

Effective method of cleansing the body – the preparatory process

The infestation of the body is invisible. Gradually impaired activity of the internal organs, weakens the immune system and occurs the intestinal dysbiosis and other unpleasant transformation. To kill in one fell swoop of parasites, but this increases the risk of severe toxicity. And matted leaves of the big sizes in intestine leads to obstruction. Before you get in the home from pests, you should prepare the body.

Method of correcting power. Exclude from the diet sweet food, baked, baking, candy, coffee, fried or fatty foods. 3 days prior to cleansing should be eating cereals, vegetables, salads with vegetable oils, herbs, garlic. Drink plenty of fluids – at least 2 liters a day. It can be herbal tea, black, green, non-carbonated mineral water. The same diet must be present during treatment. Proper nutrition will reduce some of the burden on the digestive organs, calm the nervous system, ease the process of defecation. In parallel with this preparatory method, it is necessary to accept sorbents, they reduce flatulence, relieve bloating, eliminate toxins. As a sorbent it is possible to adopt conventional activated carbon. For adults 2 tablets twice a day. For children, give 1 tablet.


Body cleansing therapeutic enema

Method unpleasant, but the efficiency of purification of parasites is high. An enema is carried out in a specific pattern every day, with a break. The best time is before bedtime. The duration of treatment depends on cleaning the body from parasites. It is important not to overdo it. Method of purification of the body by using enemas of parasites causes a side effect – constipation. After a course of treatment should focus on recovery of the intestinal microflora. Diet shows within a few weeks after active therapy.

The recipes for enema of parasites, patterns of use

  • Soda. Considered one of the most effective means to cleanse the body. To take care of it within weeks. As the primary agent used is baking soda. For one procedure enema needs 800 ml of water, 20 g of soda. In warm water dissolve the soda. There you need to add 1 teaspoon of salt. Heating a formulation to a comfortable temperature – 42 degrees. The intestines is recommended to maintain the solution for about 30 minutes. Enema is done in a day. The treatment lasts 10 days. It should be understood that soda does not kill parasites. Removes toxins from the body, toxins that arise during the life of worms and already dead bodies. During therapy should monitor their own feelings, the body's reaction. If there is pain during a bowel movement or in between the procedure, you should stop treatment.
  • Milk and garlic. This method of body cleansing is considered the most effective in the presence of pinworms, ascarids. Garlic and milk enema is a gentle. It does not irritate the walls of the already affected bowel. Garlic makes parasites leave the intestine in a natural way, and the milk helps them. This method of body cleansing recommend that children, pregnant women. To bring the parasites from the intestine it is necessary to conduct 3 treatments. Every day in the evening. For cooking you need to use warm milk, a head of fresh garlic. The last crushed, pour milk. Wrap a towel, insist 7 minutes. For adults using 800 ml of milk at a time, a child older than 5 years – 500 ml, less than 250 ml.
  • Juice. To prepare the solution for enemas should use water at room temperature, the acidic juice of the lemon, cranberries, cranberry, buckthorn. 1.5 l of water add 2 tbsp. juice, 1 salt. The latter reduces swelling that occurs as a result of the enema. Clean the body of parasites this way 1 time. The procedure followed by frequent urge to defecate, will leave the body of parasites. The last time they will be more likely.

It is very important to adhere to treatment regimens. If the body is sensitive to the procedure or the child is too small, use a different cleaning method.

Nettle infusion

Laxatives to cleanse the body from parasites

The effect is similar to the previous method of cleansing the body. Laxatives stimulate peristalsis, facilitate the passage of feces.

  • Castor oil. Should be taken no more than 3 days in a row. Currently, castor oil can be bought in a drugstore in capsules. Easier to use in this form. In stock should be from 2 to 6 hours after taking the medicine. The easiest way to drink it at 2am. In the morning the bowels will work in the specified schema. The body is prepared for purification. In addition, at night, the body calms down, the parasites detach from the walls, fall in the fecal mass during defecation. For half an hour an adult should take 30 g of castor oil. The child is given 5-10. Wash down with acidified water, yogurt, yogurt. Can the entire portion drink immediately. Especially if the reception time of the night. Instead of castor oil you can have any vegetable – sunflower, olive, linseed. Dose for 1 time – 30 ml.
  • Carrot juice. Use freshly squeezed. Very important — prepare immediately before use. For the 1st time should drink at least 200 cups of juice.
  • Kefir. Natural laxative for cleaning that everything else has a positive effect on bowel habits. During the day you can drink about 1 l For laxative effect quite 2 cups.
  • Dill. Fennel seeds are considered one of the most effective ingredients in the fight against parasites. To cleanse the body to take medicine in a specific pattern. In the morning on an empty stomach, eat 1 tbsp. spoon of seeds. Washed down with 2 cups of water. Children to cleanse should be grind into powder or give a teaspoon of dill. In the evening you should drink 15 ml of magnesia. The procedure is performed 3 times. Per week 1 time. Next 14 days should be taken without dill magnesia every fourth day.
  • Nettle infusion. 2 tbsp of nettle pour 400 ml of boiled water. Cover with a lid, insist night. Take for cleansing during the day.
  • The flax seed. Pour 2 tbsp of seeds with a glass of water. I leave for the night. In the morning drink on an empty stomach along with the seeds.
  • Salad. Boiled beets mixed with carrots, prunes. Seasoned vegetable oil, salt. You need to eat in the morning.
  • Apple juice. You must use sweet-sour apples better than green varieties. Once you should drink at least 200 ml. is Prepared immediately before use.

People's laxatives are not addictive of the body, have no side effects, which is very important. You should only take into account the individual characteristics of the organism to avoid an allergic reaction.

How to rid the body of parasites

As therapeutic components are herbs, seeds, vegetables, fruits. Each cleanse is prepared according to recipe, take a certain scheme. What to choose – the decision is individual. They all have a rapid effect, a positive result. At home against parasites can be eliminated in a matter of days if all rules are anti-helminthic therapy.

  • Pumpkin seeds. The rich composition of sunflower seeds has beneficial effects on the digestive system, improves the immune system. It quickly restores the body after the activities of parasites. In addition, it includes a component that worms acts like poison. The drug can give a child, love to be treated yourself. Not do not use this method of cleansing the body of parasites pregnant. Seeds take yourself or include in the composition of other drugs. The easiest way of cleansing – in the morning on an empty stomach eat a handful of peeled sunflower seeds. As a laxative in 30 minutes take carrot juice.
  • Walnut. The cleaned nuts are ground. Pour 4 tablespoons of the resulting composition with a glass of boiled water. On small fire is kept to a simmer. Leave for 30 minutes. Drink to cleanse during the day in small portions.
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Triad. Known effective method of cleansing the body. At home you can achieve a tremendous result. Includes 50 grams of cloves, 100 g of tansy, 30 g of wormwood. The secret of the success of compound in each extract. Together plants can cleanse the body from parasites and normalize its work. Tansy kills adult insects, wormwood and cloves is struggling with larvae at various stages of development, eggs of parasites. Medication is necessary in a specific pattern. All components are pulverized. On the first day to take cleanse on an empty stomach 1 tsp. Washed down with plain water. Then you can cut the bitterness with honey, jam, juice. 2.3 day drinking in the same dosage twice a day. In the subsequent three. The course of treatment is about a month. At first, the parasites from the body to clean, then the toxins is restored. The duration of the purification depends on the severity of helminthiasis.
  • Garlic. To take care of it the ingredient are different ways, methods. A few of them. Garlic crushed, put to the heel, fix the plaster. Go with him all day. The active components of garlic pass through the skin and carried by blood throughout the body. Method is very effective at the bot at its initial stage. When the larvae are in the blood vessels. Garlic baked in the oven, put for night in the navel. Since evening fill in a few teeth of garlic a glass of boiled water. In the morning drink on an empty stomach.
  • Cognac. Buy a drink, filled alcohol for cleansing is not suitable. Treatment for night. At this time, most parasites are crawling freely through the intestines. At approximately 2 a.m. you should drink a Cup of green tea. After 5 minutes, 100 g of cognac. This alcoholic drink based on oak bark dulls the vigilance of the parasites. After 15 minutes, you should take 50 g of castor oil. Before that, it is heated to body temperature. With the appearance of nausea, you can drink water with lemon juice or hold a slice in my mouth. In 10 minutes you can go further to sleep. The body of parasites will be cleared in the morning. The course of treatment is 3 days in a row.

The body of parasites should be cleaned twice a year. Methods, techniques, recipes cleansing selects in its sole discretion, taking into account individual peculiarities of the organism. This is very important. Each of them recognized as the best in many years.