Pumpkin seeds — a natural remedy against parasites

Scientists say that pumpkin was one of the first plants used for food. The most popular use of pumpkin seeds with a unique taste and delicate aroma. Over time, people drew attention to the healing properties of pumpkin seeds. These oval and flat seeds contain many nutrients and have a strong parasitic effect. It is not surprising that treatment of parasites is carried out with the help of these delicious seeds.

Pumpkin seeds

Use, due to the rich composition of

Pumpkin seeds – full of vitamins and minerals that makes the product particularly valuable as part of many dishes, and raw. If we consider the composition of seeds in more detail, you can see that they contain all that is needed to complete, and most importantly, the smooth operation of the body.

Healing components:

  1. Vitamins: A, B1, B2, PP, B5, B6, B9, C, E, and K. If a person lacks vitamins, it's devastating impact on his health, functionality of organs and body systems health. Protective properties of the body are falling and people are constantly sick. It is therefore important to include in your diet "vitamin" products.
  2. Trace elements. These essential components stimulate functionality of the internal organs and support the health, well-being at the proper level.
  3. Amino acids involved in protein production.
  4. Cucurbitina. This element has a paralyzing effect on the worms. They can no longer adhere to the intestinal mucosa and move. The largest concentration of this substance contained in the film that covers the seeds. That's why pumpkin seeds should be consumed together with green tape.

Since ancient times, people had great reverence to the seeds of the pumpkins and added them into food and medicines. If you add pumpkin seeds, very soon you will notice the following changes:

  1. Strengthens protective properties of the organism.
  2. Normal condition of the heart and blood vessels.
  3. Improving sexual function in both sexes.
  4. Normalize metabolic functions of the body.
  5. Pumpkin
  6. The body comes to tone.
  7. Stabiliziruemost the digestive tract.
  8. Raises the level of hemoglobin.
  9. Hair and nails are strengthened.
  10. Improved regenerative abilities.

What worms are afraid of pumpkin seeds

Based on years of experience of people, can distinguish the species of parasites, which is fighting this product:

  • roundworm;
  • pinworms;
  • ring worms;
  • tapeworms.

Not so long ago, it turned out that pumpkin seeds help giardiasis, caused by lamblia, which are not worms. The product destroys microorganisms and prevents them from multiplying.

Overdose and contraindications

Even the most useful tool, in excessive doses can cause irreparable harm. Pumpkin seeds are harmless, but that does not mean that they can be used without measures. If you overdo it with this product instead of obtaining the desired effect can harm the body.

Not recommended the use of pumpkin seeds without the supervision of a specialist, if the person:

  • overweight;
  • allergic to this product;
  • increased acidity;
  • kidney stones;
  • pathology of the liver and kidneys;
  • gastrointestinal disorders (bowel obstruction).
Recipes with pumpkin seeds

To get the maximum benefit from eating pumpkin seeds and do not harm your body, you should not get involved with this product. If we are talking about the expulsion of the parasites, the seeds should eat daily and in sufficient volumes. Before treatment, each person needs to make sure he wasn't part of the group of contraindications. If you eat the seeds, in spite of the bans, may experience the following side effects:

  • disorders of the digestive system;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • tachycardia;
  • increased activity of the kidneys and liver.

These symptoms appear very rarely. Nausea, vomiting, and tachycardia are triggered by exceeding the daily dosage. So even trying to get rid of worms, it is important to monitor the amount of seed, not leading to deterioration in their condition.

How to make pumpkin seeds from parasites

To get rid of parasites, you should use pumpkin seeds in any form. They can be fried, dried, added to tea or a favorite dish and can be eaten raw.

It is very important in the process of cleansing from parasites, not to overload your body. To know the exact dosage of product, enough to know the age of the patient and to familiarize yourself with the following list:

  • the daily dose for an adult is 0.3 kg of seeds;
  • for children 10-15 years – 0.2 kg;
  • under 10 years of age — 0.1 kg;
  • three-four-year – 0.075 kg.

Specialists recommend eating seeds in raw form, with the film green, which is located between the inner part of the rind and seed.

Recipes with pumpkin seeds

To nourish the body with vitamins and trace elements, enough to eat meals with pumpkin seeds every seven days. If there is a need for treatment, it is necessary to include this useful product in daily diet.

Spoiled or damaged seeds away and discard. After all, the quality of the ingredients depends on the result of treatment.

Remedy for Giardia:


To prepare the tool under force to everyone. Its taste, performance and ingredients available – the best combination for medication.


adult – 0.3 kg of seeds; a half Cup of honey; 50 ml of pure water.


Seeds carefully grind in a blender and mix until smooth with the honey and water. Way to eat on an empty stomach for 60 minutes. After 3 hours take a laxative to empty the bowel.

Remedy for worms and Giardia;


adult – 0.3 kg of seeds; a half Cup of honey.


Fresh seeds clean, dry and grind in a blender. Honey heated in a water bath and add to it the powder of the seeds. Carefully mix the ingredients to obtain a viscous slurry. On an empty stomach to eat the money received and, after three hours to take a laxative. To enhance the therapeutic effect, it is possible to do an enema with antiparasitic herbs.

Remedy with garlic

Ingredients: cleaned teeth of garlic – 5 PCs.; pumpkin seeds – 0.3 kg for an adult; 2 tbsp. lodges of honey.


Seeds to clean and roast in the oven or in a frying pan. Grind in a blender until fine crumbs. Garlic skip through the press or chop with a knife. To mix, add honey. Remove on 12 hours.

On an empty stomach to eat 1 tbsp. lodges. on a daily basis. After taking this amount is not to eat or drink. The only exceptions are herbal teas with antiparasitic activity. Three hours to drink a laxative and to empty the bowel. After that, you can enjoy Breakfast.

Means with castor oil

Take 100pcs. seeds and spread them into 4 parts (25 PCs.). All four doses of seeds should be slowly, carefully chewed and swallowed. Chew follows, one by one, gradually. In an hour you need to drink 1 h lodges. pure castor oil. Repeat daily, 30 days.

Evaporation of useful elements of pumpkin seeds

  • 3 kg of seeds grind using a blender;
  • pour water in the ratio 1:2;
  • put in a water bath, 120 minutes;
  • sterile gauze folded in half and through it to drain the substance;
  • remove from the water surface of the oil coating film;
  • cool and use for the treatment.

You should drink received within 30 minutes on an empty stomach. After a couple of hours to drink a laxative to cleanse the bowel.

Basics maximum efficiency

Pumpkin seeds parasites

The largest pharmaceutical companies in the world constantly working on anti-parasitic drugs. It often happens that drugs have a detrimental impact on the body as a whole. This is because they contain chemical, toxic and complex synthetic substances. That is why an increasing number of people prefers to be treated with folk remedies, in particular, pumpkin seeds. Because they contain only healthy and natural elements and therefore, do not harm.

To "pumpkin" treatment gave the best results, should adhere to the following rules:

  1. For two or three days before the start of the treatment course to do a morning cleansing enema.
  2. In the evening, after eating pumpkin seeds, be sure to drink a laxative.
  3. For the period of treatment to eliminate fatty, fried, dairy, sweets, bakery products, bread and pastries.
  4. A laxative should be drunk within three hours after taking any "pumpkin" means. Because of this, there is a rapid colon cleansing and removing parasites. Otherwise, the worms die and remain in the intestine, would provoke serious intoxication of the organism.

To 100% to cleanse the intestines from worms, you should take a remedy not less than 30-60 days. During this time the larvae hatch and die.