Treatment of parasites in the human body folk remedies

The body of any person is unique, has certain characteristics and reactions. On this basis, the treatment of helminth infections with the use of drugs may be problematic or act is not as effective as expected. At such moments, one recalls that in addition to medications is a folk remedy for parasites in the human body. How effective are these tools? Which of them are most widely used in the presence of parasitic organisms?


How to recognize the presence of parasites

Before you start the purification from parasites at home in any of the available methods, you should learn to recognize the helminthiasis among the many pathogenic processes. The presence of parasites can show the following symptoms:

  • status ailments;
  • disorders of digestion;
  • sudden weight change, both in smaller and in a big way;
  • loss of appetite;
  • intermittent headaches;
  • the feeling of nausea and vomiting;
  • the appearance of skin problems;
  • the appearance of pain in the epigastric region;
  • dizziness;
  • violations of the chair;
  • the condition of General weakness;
  • elevated levels of sleepiness and fatigue;
  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • the manifestations of allergic reactions that were not previously observed;
  • bruising and circles under the eyes;
  • teeth grinding during sleep.

If a person began to show these symptoms, you should seek the advice of a doctor. The medic will be able to say for sure whether you need an anti-parasitic cleanse. If a bot is confirmed, then we can think about what methods of de-worming will be used for the treatment of the disease.


Get rid of parasites folk remedies

Methods, we offer ancient medicine, can be a real panacea in the fight against parasites of various kinds. In almost all cases, traditional recipes and simple ingredients do not need to spend large sums of money, which sometimes can not say about pharmaceutical drugs. Also a lot of home remedies will help the person to expel the parasites in a short time, which is very appreciated by most people.

To get rid of parasites in the body of folk remedies using coriander seeds. For this you need to bake the seeds in a pan without adding oil. After calcination, the coriander is crushed to a powder using grinder and used for one gram three times a day. Also, this folk remedy is used to prevent the courses several times a year.

In addition, traditional medicine has in its Arsenal the following tools:

  • fresh chanterelle mushrooms;
  • bow;
  • green pine cones, etc.

Now consider in more detail those non-traditional ways of getting rid of malicious organisms that for many years and generations have saved our ancestors from parasites and could quickly bring parasites from the body at home without the use of drugs.

Efficient and universal means


Many plants have on human impact, which helps to get rid of such problems as parasites in the human body. Some of them showed higher efficiency than others, and some can be considered a universal tool with which you can recover from many types of parasites, symptoms, the presence of which a person noticed earlier.

The use of wormwood

Such a plant as wormwood, which is used for eliminate the parasites from the body, widespread as a home remedy. Treatment of folk remedies using wormwood involves the preparation and subsequent consumption of decoctions, drops, and tinctures. Antiparasitic properties of plants supplemented with immunomodulatory effects and easy assimilation of active substances.

Wormwood has shown itself as the most effective tool against parasites of the following types:

  • simple;
  • cocci;
  • flat worms;
  • roundworms.

Treatment of parasites folk remedies involves the use of decoctions or tinctures of wormwood twice a day. This means of parasites take half a Cup in the morning and evening for 30 minutes before a meal. The duration of expulsion of protozoa and worms should not be longer than 14 days. However, in exceptional cases, the use of home remedies with wormwood the last month. The indication for this is getting a doctor's appointment.

The garlic for parasites

Cleaning of organism from parasites at home can be carried out with the use of such simple and available to all plants, like garlic. To be purified from the parasites using the reception means on the basis of garlic is advisable in the case of infestations with the following helminths:

  • liver fluke;
  • roundworm;
  • pinworms;
  • filaria;
  • Giardia etc.

Output parasites using garlic in several ways.

First and foremost, used enemas on the basis of garlic water. In order to prepare this infusion, taken several cloves of garlic that are crushed using a press, after which mix it with one glass of warm water. The mixture is infused overnight. Enema is used to clean water. Antiparasitic treatment on the basis of enemas from garlic it is necessary to conduct a course with duration of 5 days.

Treatment of parasites in the human body national funds can hold, and fabricated for this milk-garlic infusion. For cooking need a glass of warm milk to which is added 12 drops of fresh juice of garlic. The duration of medication is an average of one week from the reception frequency 2-3 days per day.

Another way, which is cleansing the body of parasites at home – the use of tincture of garlic and horseradish. It is also very simple. Finely-chopped horseradish root is mixed with garlic in equal volumes, which make up a quarter of a Cup. Prepared mixture pour one liter of water and infuse for ten days. Drink this infusion thrice daily.


The herbs in the fight against parasites

To eliminate the parasites from the body you can also use the plants and herbs, whose properties include bitter, pungent, and spicy taste. Traditional treatments of infestations suggests that to adopt you as a plant taste groups, and combinations thereof. It should be noted that when combining herbs one taste will grow on the background of the other. But how you get rid of parasites from the body using herbs, which will bring the greatest benefit? From the group of the most commonly used bitter wormwood and calamus root. From plants with a sour taste are used rhubarb, lemongrass and sorrel. Favorites among the plants with a pungent taste are ginger, cloves and Cayenne pepper.

The treatment with soda

In the treatment of the body from parasites folk remedies often bring out different formulations of soda. If in adults the symptoms of infestation with parasites, it is possible to carry out the destruction of parasites with the use of sodium bicarbonate. This is due to the fact that a solution of baking soda is a very effective means by which the pest can be performed quickly. With soda powder you can prepare simple and effective medicines which are used. Folk medicines and soda are used when cleaning of an organism in house conditions. There is a universal method, the use of which is the liberation of the intestines of worms. For this purpose a solution of three cups of warm water with baking soda. The amount of powder should not exceed 2 tablespoons. The resulting solution is used to cleanse the lower gastrointestinal tract with enemas.

If the patient needs a cleaning from parasites of the intestine situated above applies for drinking a solution of baking soda. For its preparation is taken 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate and 200 ml of water. The resulting solution is drunk in large gulps. Every 15 minutes you need to drink another 200 ml of solution. The procedure is performed in the morning on an empty stomach. Before acceptance of the solution is necessary to drink 1 glass of warm boiled water. Cleaning the intestines from parasites in this way is an effective way to carry out the removal of parasitic microorganisms of all kinds from the body.


How to get rid of parasites at home using cloves? Cloves are able to exert a disinfecting effect on the bodies subject to destruction by parasites, and to destroy not only the adult worms but larvae. Medical professionals recommended for the treatment of infestations grind the buds for the greatest level of efficiency. The dose is 1 tablespoon of crushed cloves a day. The powder should be taken with water.

The use of tansy

People's ways of dealing with parasites also use medicinal agents with tansy. To free the body of parasites at home using this plants is possible due to the fact that tansy is composed of bitter substances that negatively affect many species of parasites. The bitterness throws them out, because the desired conditions for development of parasitic organisms is the presence of an environment filled with sugar and carbs.

How to cleanse the body from parasites folk remedies? There is a simple and effective recipe:

  • pour a liter of boiling water 2 tablespoons dried flowers of tansy;
  • leave the liquid to infuse for one hour, then strain it;
  • take the infusion before eating 3 times knocks half a Cup.

Birch tar

Many people may not know that birch tar is also possible to adopt for the treatment of parasites. How to get rid of parasites from the body of folk remedies with birch tar? One option is the consumption of tar in the food along with black bread. You can also dilute a drop in 1 teaspoon of honey and eat it on an empty stomach before Breakfast. Also cleansing the body with birch tar is carried out through the use of milk with a few drops over night for one week. The therapeutic course is repeated after a few days break.

Other recipes of traditional medicine

Alternative medicine offers a wide range of answers to the question how to get rid of parasites in the body folk remedies. They not only plants but also seeds, mushrooms, nuts and other gifts of nature. To get rid of parasites by using the natural resources that were cleared many generations of our predecessors. Let us consider in more detail how to remove the parasites using recipes of our ancestors.

Treatment nuts and seeds

As has been said, effectively remove parasites, roasted and ground to a powder coriander seeds. But this list of seeds used for the treatment of infestations, not the end.

Watermelon seeds are also proved to be an effective means of destruction of microorganisms. Cleaning of parasites using them is quite simple. You must carefully grind the seeds with a coffee grinder and mix them with milk, respecting the proportion of 1 to 10. The resulting solution was necessary to take one glass twice a day.

Another available tool for cleaning the body pumpkin seeds. To prepare the traditional mixture to cleanse the bowel from parasites at home pounded pumpkin seeds mixed with jam and honey. The resulting tool is used for 2 hours in small portions. When using this method of treatment is very important not to take anything else in the food both before and during the reception. When all the mixture is used, the patient is recommended the use of laxatives and enemas.


Fungi and plants

Methods of getting rid of parasites can use not only the above plants and seeds. Quite often, in anti-parasitic therapy with the use of recipes of traditional medicine used fungi and different parts of medicinal plants.

One of the first answers to the question how to remove the body of parasitic organisms is to use chanterelles. In its composition these mushrooms contain substances that usually kill the parasite, after which they are excreted naturally. Effective method of struggle – alcoholate of chanterelles. You can cook it easily enough. A few spoonfuls of fresh mushrooms poured 100 grams of vodka. Insist the drug for two weeks in the refrigerator. Admission is one teaspoon before bedtime.

Also when invasions can apply onion extract. In order for him to prepare, peel one medium onion, chop it to the consistency of porridge and pour one Cup of boiled water. Leave the mixture for 10 hours, strain. Consume the infusion half a Cup once a day. The duration of treatment is 4 days.

The treatment of parasitic infestations by using alternative medicine – a simple way to combat the disease. The tools used unconventional methods of therapy available to everyone, and the recipes are surprising in their simplicity. But still noticing signs of infestation by parasites, consult to the doctor before you self-medicate.