How to make pumpkin seeds from worms

Pumpkin seeds from worms is a popular remedy in folk medicine. Unlike medication anthelmintic means they do not contain harmful and toxic ingredients, so you can use them not only for adults but also for children.

The effect of pumpkin seeds worms

Pumpkin seeds can gently, and most importantly effective to neutralize and excrete the worms. The value of treating them is that worms destroyed most gentle for the body way, without the use of serious chemicals and the risk of side effects. The beneficial effects of pumpkin seeds on the human body contrast is combined with the negative impact of the same tool on the worms.

As pumpkin seeds are worms? Active substance seeds — cucurbitina, which is a poison to the parasitic individuals entering the human body, absorbed into the blood and paralyzes the worms, causing them to not die, but lose the ability to move, to cling to the intestinal wall, multiply and lead normal way of life. Due to the fact that the paralysed worms are deprived of the opportunity to eat and hold on, soon it's their loss and they physiological way removed from the intestines.

That is cucurbitina is a poison for worms. This property of pumpkin seeds against parasites said Chinese healers, they came to us this method of treatment of helminthiasis. By the way, that pumpkin seeds parasites provided the maximum therapeutic effect, you need to eat them with the skin — specific shell, which contains most cucurbitina.

Indications for use

Pumpkin seeds are effective against worms at any age, for adults and for children. In addition, the treatment with this folk remedy very affordable and practical for every person, making use of a pumpkin seed from a parasite in the body of individuals and their prevention you can often.

So, the use of this tool will suit every person under the following conditions:

  • living in the house Pets, so the periodic and safe cleansing of the body from possible worm infestation is shown for all family members — from small to large;
  • treatment is required child, especially an early age, with the use of potent anti-parasitic medications is highly undesirable;
  • there is a desire to regularly cleanse the digestive tract from possible infections with parasites as a therapeutic and prophylactic;
  • suspect the existence of worms, but to resort to taking medication is not desirable.

The mechanism of the effect of pumpkin seed on the human body consider in the table.

ActionUse seed
CleansingAmino acids and fiber contained in pumpkin seed, allow you a short time to cleanse the body of toxins, metabolic products of the worms.
RecoveryAs the parasites feed on blood and other internal fluids, and tissues of the human body, on the background of the disease, the person feels lack of energy and irritability, suffer his immunity. Pumpkin seed destroys and removes parasites from the body, eliminating those unpleasant symptoms. And the vitamins and minerals included in its composition (phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron) to restore health after an illness.
The fight against parasitesPoison cucurbitina contains only pumpkin seed. This achieves a pronounced anthelmintic action.

Of course, compared to drugs, treatment pumpkin seeds should not harm. Therefore, the main indications for use of seeds are:

  • kidney, gall bladder, stomach and liver, against which the medication anthelmintic activity is strictly prohibited;
  • children up to age 12 years;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • the elderly.

For all of these individuals conservative treatment of worm infestation is highly undesirable due to toxic effects of drugs.

From what kind of parasites pumpkin seeds help?

Cucurbitina, which is enriched with pumpkin seed, capable of destroying the vast number of parasites — size from millimeters to meters. Paralyzing and causing death of the worms, cucurbitina excreted from the human body together with dead parasites.

So which worms effectively pumpkin seed?

The type of wormsNames
Roundworms (nematodes)Pinworms, vlasoglav, and Trichinella roundworm.
Tapeworms (cestodes)Broad tapeworm, bovine and pork tapeworm.
Flukes (trematodes)Liver flukes, Siberian Fluke, Giardia.

Pumpkin seeds are showing their therapeutic effect from these parasites. If you identify another pathogen, pumpkin seeds do not have anti-parasitic effect.

The broth

How to eat pumpkin seeds?

Pumpkin seeds can act not only against the worms, but also to facilitate clinical signs of the disease. Their application improves the immune system, normalizes the work of digestive organs, improves appetite, nourishes the body with micronutrients. Pumpkin seeds from worms is used inside shredded, raw or thermally processed, the main thing is that they have the same shell, which we talked about above, which contains the active substance is cucurbitina.

Adult per day should eat at least 300 g of seeds, children from 70 g depending on age. In addition, this tool is recommended to drink herbal teas and to complement them with enemas, in conjunction with that to get rid of the worms will be much easier. Also from seeds practiced preparation of infusion or tea.

There are pumpkin seeds from parasitic infestations is necessary on an empty stomach. To increase the efficiency of the means, you can combine its reception with additional products, which also has anti-parasitic properties, such as garlic.

How to make pumpkin seeds from existing worms, will be described below.


We offer a choice of recipes that will allow to refuse from medical treatment and help you say goodbye to the parasites.

Pumpkin seed and castor oil. Effective method of parasites. During the day the person is required to eat at least 100 seeds, it is important to chew them thoroughly. In the evening, just before bedtime, you should drink a tablespoon of castor oil.

The course of treatment — 3 days. Pumpkin seeds neutralize and destroy worms and castor oil will have a laxative effect and bring them together with a chair outside. A couple of weeks later it is recommended to repeat a course in order to avoid the recurrence of the disease remaining in the body, the eggs of worms.

If the recipe is used for a child under the age of 12 years, the number of seeds and castor oil should be reduced exactly twice.

Pumpkin seed and honey. 300 g of seeds to grind and mix with a tablespoon of honey. If the mixture is very thick, you can add a little boiling water.


Eat pumpkin seeds with honey in the morning on an empty stomach. 3 hours to make to drink a laxative, you can replace the enema. The course is 3 days.

If the treatment requires the adolescent, the number of seeds shall be 150 g, child up to 6 years — 70 g

Pumpkin seed and garlic. 200 g of seeds in a short time to fry in a pan without oil and water, heat treatment is superficial. Once the seeds are cool, grind them to a pulp in a blender along with a small refined head of garlic.

The resulting mixture infuse for the whole night. In the morning, eat a tablespoon of ready mix. Eat and drink in the next 3 hours with this recipe is not recommended.

Pumpkin seed and milk. A glass of milk and a Cup of sunflower seeds into a creamy kind of cocktail with a blender and drink in the morning instead of the first meal.

An hour later allowed to drink a little boiled water, 3 hours later — do an enema or drink a laxative.

Pumpkin seed and fennel seeds. In equal proportions mix the seed with dill and pumpkin.

Tablespoon of prepared mixture pour a liter of boiling water for about an hour and strain. Drink the tea 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 7 days.

Pumpkin seed and soda. Fry the seeds without adding water and oil, then grind with meat grinder. 200 g of crushed vegetative mass add 200 g of honey and a teaspoon of baking soda.


A decoction of pumpkin seed. 500 g peeled sunflower seeds pour a liter of cold water, put the tool in a water bath and simmer for 2 hours, without boiling. After the broth has cooled slightly, squeeze the seeds, strain the remedy and drink it within one hour in small SIPS. After 2 hours to drink saline laxative.

Each recipe is based on pumpkin seeds is simple and accessible to use. After 7 days of the end of any selected course of treatment, it is highly recommended to conduct a study on the worms.

Treatment of worms in stages

Antiparasitic therapy pumpkin seeds is carried out in three stages. Each stage of the treatment lasts a certain period of time.

Stages Action
FirstExpected excretion of protozoa, round and tapeworm. The purification is carried out by receiving infusion of sage morning and evening. Daily dose of the infusion of wormwood does not exceed 100 ml If you plan to use the tool, high probability of development of side effect — the breakdown. Forbidden cleanse wormwood pregnant. The course of treatment — 3 days, then need a break for 5 days.
SecondThis is a withdrawal and the smallest remaining after the first stage of purification of the individual major parasite species. In the morning, on an empty stomach, to chew and to eat 300 grams of pumpkin seeds, anything to wash down the seeds is not necessary, because the liquid will dilute the concentration cucurbitina and will give a chance for the parasites to survive. After a couple of hours to drink a solution of Epsom salts, and an hour later to do a cleansing enema. On the day of treatment the enema should be repeated every 2.5 hours, that is up to 8 times a day. The course of treatment for 7 days, then a break at the same time. Food during the therapeutic course should be gentle, without carbohydrate, fatty and fried foods. The author advises to eat cereals, vegetables and fruits.
ThirdThe final stage, during which is liver cleansing. The cleanser is prepared from pure olive oil and the juice of one lemon. Both of these products are strong choleretic substances, and in addition to this, they have the ability to rid the body of any remaining parasites.

Method A. N. Semenova by the author is recommended 4 times, with a high degree of accuracy to cleanse the body of parasites, which is important for individuals with a high degree of worm infestation. Do not use this method in pregnancy and in children up to 16 years in individuals with the presence in the body of the concretions (kidney stones, gall bladder) and ulcerative lesions of the walls of the stomach and intestines.


How to apply children

Since seeds do not have toxic effects on the human body, without fear they may be taken in childhood.

How much and how to make pumpkin seeds in the body of the worms to the children depends on the age of the child. The General scheme of using the pumpkin seed in childhood would be as follows:

  • children 5 to 7 years — the maximum daily quantity of seeds 150 g;
  • 8 to 10 years — 200 g;
  • children 11 to 12 years — 250 g;
  • over 12 years of age is 300 g or adult dosage.

To combat the worms are allowed to use any of these recipes adults, but the dosage of the seed they recommended several to reduce with account of age peculiarities of the child.

If the child is not yet 5 years for the treatment to apply themselves pumpkin seeds and "jelly" which should produce from seed. For this purpose, the glass cleaned of seeds (with preserved green shell) skip through Mincer and brew two cups of boiling water. The resulting mixture should be warmed using water bath to simmer for about 2 hours. Then fire off dishes with the future of medicine to wrap up and put for subsequent infusion for the night. In the morning strain the mixture, the collected liquid to stand still for 30 minutes. During this time, the surface of the tools will appear oily spots that you want to collect and pour with a spoon and then offer the resulting jelly baby, which he should drink on an empty stomach. After 7 days of treatment with pumpkin seed milk is recommended to repeat.


Side effects and contraindications

Despite the fact that pumpkin seeds — fully vegetable product, if you abuse them or use without permission of the attending physician can harm the body.

Before treatment of pumpkin seed, you need to remember that this tool, in addition to anti-parasitic properties, has a strong choleretic and laxative effect. This means that the product is absolutely contraindicated in those with chronic intestinal disorders by type of diarrhea and the presence of the body foci formation.

Potassium, which is enriched with pumpkin seeds, increases urination, so kidney disease and urinary system are also included in the list of contraindications.

Zinc, phosphorus and group b vitamins which are also abundant in pumpkin seeds, if you exceed the daily dosage can cause the following side effects:

  • nausea, vomiting;
  • arrhythmia, tachycardia;
  • diarrhea;
  • painful urination;
  • allergic reactions.

Whether pumpkin seeds from worms — really help. Thanks to the active substance — cucurbitina, and the content of minerals, vitamins, pumpkin seed can be used for the treatment and prevention of helminth infections in the body.